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strip poker stories

Camp fire stories

It was a warm summer night. The sky was clear. A couple of friends decided to go camping. So we all packed up a few things to spend a few nights out by the camp site.

We finally arrived at the camp site, got set up and started the camp fire. We had a good roaring fire going and started telling scary tales. A person told a story about a ghost that haunted a house close to where he lived and that the people died inside the house. Another added to the story and told a different version to the story and how the ghost ended up killing the people in the house. Afterwards, another friend told a story about how people were telling tales by the fire just like how we are and a bear came up from behind them, just as he was telling it he grabbed the person sitting next to him from behind on the shoulder and scared him. They went on and on for a long while with different stories and finally one of them asked me if I had any scary stories to tell.

...Well... I do have one, I replied.

Than I began. It was a stormy summer night, when I got a call from a lady that I've talked to, inviting me over to her house. So I snuck out and went over to her house. So she invited me in for some coffee. We sat by the kitchen table and talked for a little bit, just breaking each other in. We had spoken with each other before but we never really met until that night. Kinda like a blind date.

(Go on) A friend replied.

Shortly after that, she asked if I had played poker before. Oh yeah, I had told her. Plenty times with the guys. Ever play one on one with a women before, she replies back. I have played with other women before. She then asked, how about strip poker.

Another friend spoke up. (This does not sound like a scary story to me.)

....Well, just listen for a moment, replying back.

I had told her no I have not played strip poker with other women before. So she pulls out some cards from a shelf in the living room and brings them into the kitchen with me and begins to play the game. I pulled off a few good hands and got her to strip off her shoes, socks, dress and lingerie. She then pulls off a few good hands of her own and bought her clothes back and I stripped off my shoes, socks, tie, hat, shirt and pants. We went back and forth for a long while, with the winning streak. Finally it boiled down to her stripping down past her lingerie, passed her bra and panties and opened up wide for me, which in turn had turned me on. After the poker game was done we ended up having sex on the kitchen table and couldn't hold back anymore. We both enjoyed the night, until we both tired each other out.

Then I went home afterwards.

(What is so scary about that story?) a friend replied. They all booed me for a bit until I said, hold on, there is more to the story.

Back to the story

The next day I got up out of bed to find out, the wife knows about the strip poker game that night and you wouldn't believe the fight we had gotten into that day and to top it off, I got the strip poker player pregnant. Which the wife found out later. The beating I got would put your tall stories to shame.

The end.


Copyright Notice: All stories are copyright ©Rebel Poker.
If you wish you may link to these stories. You may NOT copy, edit or reproduce in full or part.