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True Story

Based on a true story in fact it is the true story in details but the card game has been changed from a local one to strip poker.

Late November-Night- A storm is blowing out there

The story occurred in a private dermatology clinic.

When you enter the clinic, you will find a small desk at which is seated a receptionist nurse, I will call her Suzan. She is very attractive and sexy. I chose her in between fifteen candidates although most of the others were more qualified than her…but she has more qualifications. She is 1,68 m tall, she weights about 55 Kg. She is blond with deep blue eyes…a goddess indeed. The first time I saw her, I told myself she would rather be a model not a nurse, she is baring this gorgeous body under a white coat.

Just beside her desk is a door leading to the examination room.
The clinic furniture includes two couches, two small tables; a pair of lamps and three pictures hanged on the wall.
I couldn't stop thinking about her since the first day I saw her…and my thoughts were not completely innocent.

-Me (calling the nurse…)
"Yes doctor"
"Come please"
The door was opened and she came in. She was wearing her white coat, a red blouse and a black pants. She was very pretty that night…or that was what I felt.
-Me (reading a paper)
"We still have half an hour before the last appointment "
-Suzan (pointing to the window)
"Yes but I don't think the patient will come"
-Me (avoiding her eyes)
"What about a card game Suzan?"
-Suzan (Shocked)
"Now sir…here!"
"Yes. Why not? …you know how to play poker ?"
-Suzan (hesitating)
"Sure…it is my favorite game"
-Me (I didn't believe her. but ok)
"Let us be innovative…we will bet our clothes instead of money"
-Suzan (She stood up)
"Excuse me sir…I don't think…………….."
-Me (interrupting her)
"Take it easy…it will be is a kind of strip game "
We started playing and from the beginning I noticed that she hardly know poker…it was my lucky day.
-Me (Showing my cards)
"Straight flush…. I win…. your coat please"
She didn't understand what does it mean Straight flush but she took off her coat any way…this was more important than poker terminology.
-Me (smiling)
"Three of a kind…hard luck…takes off your blouse…pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase"
She took her blouse off very slowly as if she were a professional stripper uncovering a small black bra, which could hardly carry big gorgeous breast. I could even see the upper most part of her light brown…
I became more and more excited …I could hear my heartbeats.
"A straight…your pants Suzan"
-Suzan (begging)
"Can I give you my shoes instead.?…They are new"
-Me (laughing)
"Sorry…you can keep your shoes…your pants please"
Nervously, she took her pants off and sat down so quickly that I could hardly see her silk black panties.
-Me (thinking to myself)
"You can't escape tonight…how hard you try…one more step and you will be mine"
Shortly after, she lost every thing. I had the pleasure to remove her underwear…she allowed me…I couldn't understand this dramatic change.
She walked, completely nude, and lay down on the exam table.
-Suzan (Spreading between her pretty legs and smiling ironically)
"Ok…you win…use a condom and make it hard"


Copyright Notice: All stories are copyright ©Rebel Poker.
If you wish you may link to these stories. You may NOT copy, edit or reproduce in full or part.