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Under Arrest (script)

It was really late, around 1 a.m.. You were driving down the road at 120 km/hr. The speed limit on this road was only 80. As you were speeding down the road, you heard the siren of a cop car. You pulled over and sat in your car. Your palms were sweating because you knew that your license would be suspended after this offence. Suddenly, you heard a soft beautiful voice asking you, "Sir may I have your license please?" It was a young female cop in her twenties. She was tell and had long blonde hair. You couldn't keep your eyes off her gorgeous body. She said, "Sir, I am afraid you license would be suspended." You begged her not to give you a ticket, pleading that you need to drive to work the next day. "Well sir, I can't let you go." She said in quite a serious tone. "What can I do for you? I will do anything for you. Just don't suspend my license." You begged. She then thought for a while and opend her mouth, "Anything?" "Yes!" you replied. "We'll Okay. Get out of your car and hop into mine." She ordered. You have no choice but to join her. When you two got in, she took out a deck of cards without saying a word. "Strip poker," She said, "If you win, you get your freedom." "What if I lose?" You asked. But she didn't let you say another word. She began to deal.

The female cop's lines if you were losing:

1st - You are down a few bucks. I'll buy that tie from you. (You remove your tie)

2nd - You break the laws, then you pay the price. (You remove your shoes)

3rd - I'll have to STRIP SEARCH you. OFF with that shirt sir. (You remove your shirt)

4th - Now the pants sir? I want to make this one as thorough as possible. (You remove your pants)

5th - You can remain silent AND naked tonight. (You remove your boxer shorts, covering your gentials)

6th - Okay, put your hands over your head. (You put your hands over your head exposing your body in full)

7th - You are under arrest. (she cuffs your hands, and you now have to play cuffed, for one last hand)

8th - Well, I am assuming that you are going straight to MY PRISON sir. (You become the prisoner of the dominatrix for the night)

Her lines if you were winning

1st - How much is my hat worth? (She removes her hat)

2nd - I'll sell you my shoes. (She removes her heels)

3rd - Oh now I don't look like a cop, do I? (She removes her uniform top)

4th - Now it seems like I'm the one getting strip searched! (She removes her pants)

5th - You haven't won your freedom yet. But for now, you won my breasts. (She removes her bra)

6th - Am I the cop or the robber? But either way, I am naked. (She removes her panties, but shuts her legs)

7th - Hmmm I think you're going to have weird dreams tonight. (She spreads her legs and play with herself)

8th - You are free to go now. But before you go, is there anything else I could do for you? (You won the game and walked away with your license and some extra rewards)


Copyright Notice: All stories are copyright ©Rebel Poker.
If you wish you may link to these stories. You may NOT copy, edit or reproduce in full or part.