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The Ball Is In Your Court

I had been working at a resort in Scottsdale for the last year giving tennis lessons to the guests. The job paid well, and for the most part it was easy work. I had just finished my morning schedule and went back to my office when I saw this pretty woman waiting outside the door.

She introduced herself as Dena, a new guest staying for the week. When she asked to book lessons for the week I was ecstatic that I’d get to see her petite body a lot more. Dena looked really cute in her white tennis outfit, and her long blonde hair in a scrunchie. I told her my rates, and her jaw dropped. She didn’t know it wasn’t inclusive.
“I can only come up with half that money. After last weekend in Vegas I’m broke.”
I walked around her and closed the door to the office. “Well I do need to be paid. How about I play you for it?”
Dena seemed surprised. “I doubt I could beat you in tennis.”
“Actually I figured since you were in Vegas that you know how to play poker.” I took a deck of cards from the desk drawer. “What do you say to a little proposition?”
“Sure I’ll play you for money.” She seemed confident in winning.
“Actually you’re playing for the money. Every hand you win I’ll give you $50, which means you will cover the cost of lessons with ten wins. Every hand you lose you have to give me one piece of clothing.”
Dena seemed a bit reluctant at first, but she went along with it. I was getting hard just thinking about beating her.

The first two deals I got terrible cards, and I was beginning to think Dena was a card shark. But I wound up on a roll the next three deals, including winning one hand with a pair of 3’s. Dena gave me her sneakers and her scrunchie. Her hair was even longer than I thought when it wasn’t tied up. Maybe I was getting so turned on that I lost my concentration. I gambled on a flush and wound up losing the next deal. The following one wasn’t any better, and Dena seemed pretty confident.

We split the next two hands and Dena was getting a bit cocky. “I’m half way there. You sure you know how to play?”
I looked at my cards and knew I had a winner with a full house. “I’m learning fast.” Dena now had lost both socks and I was looking forward to a few more wins. Eventually I’d get to see a lot more of her.

Somehow Dena won the next two again, and if I didn’t know better I’d swear she was cheating. Only three wins more and she’d be done playing. But I won the next deal and eagerly watched her remove her top. Dena had a sport bra underneath and her perky little breasts were turning me on. I shuffled and dealt the next round. Dena gave back 3 cards and by the way she looked at them I knew she had a bad hand. I only had a pair of tens but it was enough. She unhooked her skirt and gave it to me. You could tell she was uncomfortable sitting there in her underwear. Dena realized she needed to win out.

She did manage to win with a straight, and it was coming down to the end. We looked at our next set of cards and I was praying three of a kind would hold up. Dena couldn’t believe it because she did have two pair.
“Come on, what am I going to see?”
Dena unfastened her bra and gave it to me. She tried to cover her tits with her arm, but I got a good look at those nipples when she reached for her cards.

Just trying to win one more hand and not think about the erection I was sporting, I looked at my cards. Bingo, I figured I had a winner with three jacks. I threw down the cards and just shook my head as Dena presented a flush, after discarding two cards no less. Now I had to win the next deal, or I was never going to get this babe naked.

I was dealt five, seven, eight, and nine. I discarded the queen I had and hoped for the best. Apparently the poker gods wanted those panties off too, because I got the six I needed. Dena’s was shocked when I put down my cards.

She tried her best to slide off her panties while sitting and keeping her legs closed. Once she had a pair of white ankle warmers I whistled and took a peek.
“Hmmm, you’re not a natural blonde I see.”
Dena was red with embarrassment. The way she was winning earlier she never expected I’d get a look at her pussy. “Very funny. I can’t believe I was so close and lost. After all this can’t I still get those lessons?”
“You got a deal, but only if I help you keep your little secret.” Dena didn’t know what I mean until I took a razor from my desk. “Time to shave that bush.”

Once I felt the moisture on her clit I knew she was as aroused as I was. Needless to say Dena got her lessons, and I somehow cured my chronic tennis elbow.


Copyright Notice: All stories are copyright ©Rebel Poker.
If you wish you may link to these stories. You may NOT copy, edit or reproduce in full or part.