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Cowboy and Cowgirl on the Ranch (script)

Out in the west past the rolling hills, there was a ranch where a cowboy and cowgirl worked for a madam. Some say the madam was quite pretty herself, running a "cat house" with gorgeous women there. This is what drew our cowboy and cowgirl there in the first place to help out with some "chores" around the ranch. Both cowpokes have engaged in voyeuristic sex scenes to please the madam and nothing makes the madam more happy than watching sexual happenings at the ranch. Legend says that there is a hidden camera in some of the rooms within the homestead.

Now, the madam was getting on in years (even though she is smokin' hot and relatively young; 45 is old for a madam). As a result of her age, the Madam wants to leave the ranch to either the cowboy or cowgirl, but not both. Only one of them can be the master of the ranch and the other the loyal servant. The master gets control of all of the women and the servant must faithfully serve completely naked. The madam can think of no better way to settle this rivalry than a game of strip poker between our cowboy and cowgirl. Madam loves to see people naked in sexually compromising situations and what better way to decide who is truly deserving as Master of the ranch.
Will it be the Cowboy as Master having his Cowgirl completely naked to serve him or will he serve her as she becomes dominatrix of the ranch?

Both players begin the poker game with $300 they each have saved working on the ranch.
The madam wants the shrewdest, smartest player to win and both players have much to lose and want to win badly. The poker game can take place in the barn or in the madam's bedroom of the ranch.

Dialog Lines for Cowgirl at different levels of losing:

1st - "Well I guess I put a smile on your face (and the Madam's as well), here's my hat" ($50)

2nd - "Oh c'mon, not my leather vest, its pure rawhide ($100)(Takes off leather vest to reveal an ample chest and is still wearing a white silk shirt)

3rd - "Damn your lucky and now I am barefoot, but not beaten" (takes off boots $150)

4th - "Stop gloating, you can't win forever" (Pants come off for $125)

5th - "Is the barn door open, my I'm perky today" (Takes off silk top to reveal her breasts)

6th - "Oh I'm blushing in front of you and the madam" (Takes off panties for $200, but hides her private area by crossing legs)

7th - "Madam please give me one more chance, I beg you, I'll do anything" (Spreads legs and rubs breasts and vagina to get Madam to give her one more chance to beat you for $250)

8th - "I guess I'm your humble servant, I will call the other women and wait inside for you come."

Cowboy (The Player at home) at different levels of losing
Dialog from Cowgirl:

1st - "C'mon Cowboy let me see that rope and hat, I love the eyes of a beaten man" ($50 for hat and lasso rope)

2nd - "I'll take your pistols and now your defenseless" ($50 for pistols)

3rd - "Those are boots are for a real man, take them off now" ($100 for boots)

4th - "Oh Madam and I love your manly chest, give me the shirt sweetie" ($150 for shirt)

5th - "I can't wait to have you bailing the hay without those overalls" ($150 for pants)

6th - "M'mmm that's some pistol you got there my cowslave" (loses underwear for $200)

7th - "Your mine now, you have chores to do and you can start by burning your clothes and then rubbing my feet"

(Game Over)


Copyright Notice: All stories are copyright ©Rebel Poker.
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