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Boys' night out

It was on a Thursday night when the doorbell rang. I was getting ready for poker with the boys and knew it was Christy. She was a smokin' piece of Asian ass friend of my girlfriend and came over every Thursday. She said hi to me with a smile, I needed that my girlfriend bitches every Thursday about me going out. By the time I left they both had a couple of glasses of wine and were chatting in the kitchen.

The rest of this was told to me, by my girlfriend Valerie the next day.

Valerie was complaining about my poker nights and said, "I don't see what's so big about it." Christy said lets play a few games and see. After a few hands and some more wine, Christy said it didn't seem like a big deal and though maybe it was the wagering, and added but I didn't bring any cash. I'll give you ten bucks ... for your shoes.

Maybe I should stop here for a second and describe Val. She is quite hot herself with shoulderblade length brown hair with just a tinge of natural red, perfect C-cup breast with upturned nipples the size of the tip of my middle finger and nobody fills out a pair of jeans better. Val is pretty wild in the sack and is very adventurous, a few times in the early years of our relationship she mentioned she was curious about being with another girl, but didn't think she could go though with it.

It wasn't long before Christy had all the money and said, "I don't want my shoes back I want yours." Then socks were sold and the bidding increased. Then Christy lost and removed her pants because they were under the table.

Valerie started playing the game to see who would call it quits first. Soon they were both down to bra and panties and Val thought it would be the last hand, but when Christy lost and reached between her breast and grabbed the clasp of her white with light pastel flowered bra and slowly opened it to reveal her size A tits with dark arieolas. Val knew the game was on. Valerie bid high on the next hand and threw away two of her three eights and drew carp and removed her own bra. Then both lost their panties. Val won the next hand and told Christy to play with her tits and make her nipples "hard as diamonds", it didn't take long they already were. Christy won the next hand and seeing that Valerie's nipples were already hard said "finger your slit while I watch." Val grabbed the cards and said follow me; she led her to the couch, spread her legs and did as she was ordered.

It was about this point I walked in. I could see their heads over the back of the couch. Val's head was thrown back, her eyes closed and she was panting. She arched her back in a mini orgasm and I could see her bare tits. Her breathing slowed and her eyes opened, "you better deal this one," she said.

The bidding was fast and furious. Into the 10's of thousands. I couldn't see the cards, but when Christy said, "eat my pussy" I knew who won. Val didn't say a word and her head went below the couch as Christy's foot came over the top.

I've gotta see this I thought and went and sat in the chair across from them. There was an empty bottle of wine on the table and the cards. Christy's lovely face was rocking on the arm of the couch framed by her long black hair. Her small tits stood proud, her flat stomach with a bellybutton ring, and her ... well I couldn't see her pussy with Val's head in her lap.

After Christy's orgasm, Valerie picked up the cards, shuffled and dealt, and waited for Christy to calm down. Again the bidding went high, back and forth each out bidding the other and finally one called, but the winner was ... ME! Val said get on all fours and let Michael fuck your ass.

This took both of us by surprise. Until then they didn't even seem to know I was there. I had asked Valerie about trying it, but she always resisted and I didn't push it. Christy began "I've never..." Val stopped her and said she didn't have to. Christy said no its part of the game and assumed the position. I nearly tore my close getting them off. As I approached Val grabbed my cock and gave it a very wet suck leaving plenty of spit. I then tongued her bung getting it wet also. With just the head in I waited until I felt her relax a little then slowly worked the rest in. I pumped slowly, not just because I didn't want to hurt her, but to also feel it all. After a little while she started pushing back and Val slid under her and sucked Christy's tits after giving her a long kiss.

The card game ended after that, but the night didn't. Shortly after that night Christy moved in with us.

And now I play cards with the girls and not the boys.


Copyright Notice: All stories are copyright ©Rebel Poker.
If you wish you may link to these stories. You may NOT copy, edit or reproduce in full or part.