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strip poker stories


Sandy was in serious trouble. Her car had run out of gas on the deserted freeway and despite walking for the past 2 hours, she had not sighted any other sign of civilisation. It would be getting dark soon and she already see the mirages formed as the heat of the road combined with the cooler air of night. Suddenly she saw a grey van in the distance. She blinked a few times then looked again to make sure it wasn't a mirage. The van was still there and her heart leapt as it rapidly approached. She waved frantically at the van as it came nearer and sighed with releif as it pulled over. "Please mister, my car broke down and I really need a lift" she pleaded with the young, unkempt youth behind the wheel.
"Sure," he said with a grin on his unshaven face, "I'll play you for it."
"Play what?" a desperate Sandy replied.
"Strip poker, the back of my van." he smiled
An unsure Sandy looked up and down the road before nodding slightly. The rules were simple, starting with $50, each piece of clothing was worth $10 with a 5 ante. If she got to $100 she won the lift.
The game began badly for Sandy. She nervously bet 5$ based on her hand of 2 10s only to be raised $20 by the man who had introduced himself as Max. She saw him and discarded 3. They were no help and she helplessly watched as her money dropped to $20.
They played again and she lost again, her money dropping to $5.
The next hand Sandy felt a lump in her throat. She was dealt 2 5s and 2 8s. Maybe she could get a Full house. After ante-ing however she knew she would have bet her clothing to go higher. Seeing her predicament Max bet $15. She hesitated for a long while before deciding to take the plunge. There was no going back anyway she thought. She saw him and raised him $5. He raised her another $10 to which she could only see. She gulped as she discarded 1. If she lost this would mean 3 pieces of clothing. She gasped in surprise (her poker face was less then professional) as she received another 8. She had the full house. Grinning she bet $20. Her confidence was sky high, if he saw and she won, she had the lift. In her entusiasm she didn't consider the alternative. She turned hers over and grinned at his response. Max was grinning for another reason. He turned his over to reveal 4 Aces. Thats it Sandy, time to strip he grinned. Grimly sahe stood up and began a slow strip tease. First her stockings, socks and light red coat were discarded.Then her white button up blouse was slowly removed by the thoroughly embaressed blond. Max wolf-whistled as her black lacy bra was revealed. Her skirt was next and Sandy realized she did not have enough clothes to pay. She began to tell Max this only to be cut off "Tut, tut, talking"
Grimly she set about removing the rest. This meant exposing herself, to a total stranger. For a moment she considered backing out, but then she remembered how deserted the reigon was and so she unclasped the black bra and revealed her firm C-cup breasts to the gaugling young man. His eyes seemed to be straineing, taking in every golden curve of her glistening body. The light inside the van combined with the find sheen of sewat garnered from walking all day gave her trim young body a faint golden hue. The sight was driving Max crazy. Gritting her teeth Sandy slowly began peeling her white cotton panties down her thighs. Max spoke up "Slower, slower". Her humiliation almost complete her panties reached her ankles and she kicked them off. "Now face open your legs a little" the glaring Max stated.
Closing her eyes in humilation Sandy did as she was told. Her pouting vaginal lips poked slightly out from the sparse golden hairs surrounding her pussy. If she had looked down she would have been surprised to note the small beads of moisture beginning to escape from her pussy, slowly causing the golden pubic hair to grow moister as her evident arousal and moreso, her labia bloomed at the impromptu strip show. Finally she opened her eyes and looked at the young man "I still owe you money" she stated,
"Don't worry," Max replied, his eyes glued to her gorgous pussy, "I'm sure you can make it up in other ways."
Copyright Notice: All stories are copyright ©Rebel Poker.
If you wish you may link to these stories. You may NOT copy, edit or reproduce in full or part.