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strip poker stories


It was a cool, clear, starry night and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. My friends, Jasmine, Samantha, George, his girlfriend Sandy, and I were heading to the forest for a lovely weekend campout.

I had never met Jasmine before that night but she was a friend of Samantha's and Sandy's so I didn't mind that she came along. Her beautiful long straight blond hair was a nice difference from Samantha's curly chocolate brown hair and both of them had curves to kill.

When we got to the edge of the forest, we unpacked the van and loaded our backpacks. George and I carried most of the stuff while the girls just grabbed a few things each, but being a gentleman, I didn't mind. The campground was about 1/2 hours walk from where we parked and even though I knew of a closer place to park, this route let us get in undetected from other campers and besides, since I was walking last in the line, I was able to watch their cute asses as they hiked in front of me.

When we got to the campground, which was right next to a small lake where the full moon shone down mystically, we all set up camp real fast. Then I went out to get some firewood, built the fire and the girls started dinner. George and I broke out the beers. I asked George which of the two girls were finer, but he stayed loyal to his girlfriend saying they were both nice but she was the best. I didn't agree but didn't say anything. He saw my interest in them both and whispered to me, after dinner, there is a spot I want to take Sandy to for a while, think you can handle being alone with those two for a few hours? Of course, I replied.

When we finished dinner, just like he said, George stood up and handed a small package to me. I couldn't see what it was yet cause I was far from the fire, then he told Sandy and the girls that he wanted to take her to a "special" place and they'd be back soon. When they left, I sat down next to the fire with the girls to my right. It was amazing how the combination of the fire and the moonlight made those girls look so beautiful. I asked them what they would like to do until George got back. They said they didn't know. Then Samantha was eyeing the package I had in my hands and asked what it was. I had completely forgot about it. I opened it up and there was a set of cards with a note from Sandy saying "have fun. Samantha's and Jasmine's favorite game is stip poker. Thought you might enjoy a game with these two." I read the note outloud and they jumped up saying "great idea" and "just like Sandy to leave us to a game of strip poker with this young stud."

We positioned ourselves next to the fire so we could see each other quite easily with the bouncing flames running across our faces. We began to play and I started off not so great. I grabbed a beer after being forced to take my shirt off and gave one to them also. That's when the whole game turned around for me. I earned back my shirt and kept winning. Once it came time for Jasmine to take off her shirt, I was so anxious to see her chest. I had been staring at it all day. As she went to take her shirt off, I saw Samantha jump in and do it for her. I liked that. We continued to play and then Samantha had to lose her shirt, so Jasmine returned the favor. I could see their breasts held tight by their bras in the firelight.

We continued playing and drinking and I thought myself to be the luckiest man alive as I kept winning. First Jasmine lost her shoes, then her pants then Samantha lost her shoes. Everytime they lost something, one girl would take that piece of clothing off the other. I thought that would last as long as we were in shirts and pants but they kept going even when I beat Samantha's full house with a 4 of a kind and she lost her pants, bra, and panties. We kept playing saying that if she lost again, she would have to show her body off even more. Well, lucky for her, she didn't lose for a long time and Jasmine was already naked with her legs spread open giving me a hint of what was down there when she did. Then I got an awesome hand and knew this was going to be great. When they both lost, the paraded around the fire and then sat down directly in front of me, legs spread wide and started fondling each other right in front of me. Well, needless to say, the "game" ended there and we all got in on the action. When it started to rain outside we went in the tent and dried off, getting dressed right before George got back with Sandy. Although they didn't say anything, they knew what had happened. The weekend ended with a dip in the lake the next morning then we went home. I'll never forget it it.

The end.


Copyright Notice: All stories are copyright ©Rebel Poker.
If you wish you may link to these stories. You may NOT copy, edit or reproduce in full or part.