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Curiosity killed the cat

Last night, I decided to go to a masquerade party, so I dressed up as my favorite animal, a mouse. It was held at my friend's house and I knew a few of the people there, of course I didn't recognize a lot of them as they were dressed up in all sorts of costumes.

As I was by the punch bowl trying to decide who I would ask to dance (and for that matter, which were women), I heard a "purrrrr" from behind me and I turned around quickly. I saw a green-eyed woman dressed up as a black pussycat. She had a long black tail coming from an obviously sweet ass, tight breasts that looked like they were going to bust her little outfit, and whiskers and little dots where on her cheeks. The only skin I could see was her beautiful face. She even had a hood on with little pointed ears. I thought she looked precious and asked her to dance. Everyone was looking at us and taking pictures as a really tall mouse danced with a somewhat shorter cat. I learned that her name was Crystal and cats were her favorite animals. After a few dances, we went to sit down, then my friend announced that we were going to split up into groups to play different games. Those who had a partner could choose and those who didn't had to sit in a circle to choose at random.

Before I could say a word, Crystal said that I was going to be her partner. I just smiled and nodded my ok. Then I asked her what she had in mind and she said she was curious to see what kind of a man this mouse really was. We went into our designated section of the house and she brought out some cards. "Care for a game of strip poker to see who ends up undressed and who still remains unknown?" she asked. I agreed and we sat down.

We started with $400 and she dealt the first hand. I could see in her face that she was determined to see who I really was as my face was almost completely covered with my mouse head. I was just as determined to keep it a secret and find out who she was with that gorgeous body. We played and played and both of us came close to losing something, but it was over an hour before I finally beat her out of her "paws" on her hands. Shortly after that I got the "paws" off her feet. We kept playing and she ended up putting both sets of paws back on for a short period, but then I got lucky. Full house beat her straight and she lost both sets of paws again and then had to take off her hood. As she did, I saw her long golden-brown wavy hair fall down her back and she was even more precious then I had imagined.

We kept playing and I slowly beat her out of her top which didn't reveal much about her as her breasts were still well hidden by her black lingerie. Then I won her shorts with her tail attached. Now she was sitting with her full body black lingerie and stockings. I beat her out of her stockings and saw the most awesome pair of legs a man can imagine. I went on to win her lingerie which came off in two parts, but the first part let her "squeezed" titties fly. Just then, the air conditioner came on in the room and was blowing directly on her and the cold air made her nipples stand on end. They were long and huge and pink. That made me excited, especially since she still didn't know who I was. We kept playing and I beat her out of the rest of her lingerie, while she sat there with her legs held close together. I asked her if she wanted to keep going and she said, "I still want to know who you are, I can still win this game," so I agreed and we kept going. We went back and forth and she won a few things back but in the end I got her nude again and spread her legs wide. Her intimate area was quite hairy but well trimmed. I asked again if she wanted to keep going and she said yes, that she was extremely curious to know who I was, so we did. When I beat her again, she began to fondle herself, then one more hand and she had to shave herself and when I won the last time, she said "there is only one thing I can give you more," and motioned for me to take her. I undid my fly in my mouse suit and let my manhood out. Then I made passionate love to her while still in my suit. We had an awesome night and she screamed with her orgasms but she could never call me more than her "little mousie" as she still never found out who I really was. One day I will tell her, maybe.

The end


1. You can't know me just by seeing my hands and feet (removes "paws" from hands and feet for $100)

2. I guess I'll have to show you my head (removes cat ears and lets hair fall down for $150)

3. Don't think that you're going to win. I can still beat you. (removes top for $150)

4. Well, you beat my tail. (removes shorts/stockings with tail for $200)

5. It's time to let the cat out of the bag. "purrrr"(removes top of lingerie suit for $250)

6. I guess you've skinned the cat. (removes rest of lingerie suit for $300, legs crossed)

7. You've got me this far, you've earned it. (opens legs for $200)

8. You want to what? Shave the pussycat? (shaves hair off pussy for $250)

9. You've won, I can only offer you one thing more. Come here my little mousie (fondles herself vigorously while motioning for you to come over. Game over)

1. This is just a start, I'm going to see who you really are (you remove paws for $100)

2. Now let's see who's in there (remove mousehead for $150)

3. Want to play cat and mouse? (remove mouse shirt for $200)

4. What's wrong? Cat got your tongue? (remove mouse pants for $250)

5. Are you a man or a mouse? (remove underpants while covering middle for $250)

6. You look more like a mouse to me. (Game over.)


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