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Underwater Hideaway

Joe, his girlfriend Leslie, Jessica, and I were on the boat getting our things ready for that afternoon's dive. The weather was perfect with a calm surf. The girls went to get on their suits as we finished the preparation of the tanks and other equipment. "You got the hots for Jessica don't you?" Joe asked me when they got out of earshot. "Well, she is awesome," I replied, "but I don't think she's into me much." "Don't be so sure about that," he smirked. I raised my eyebrow at him in question but he went back to preparing the things.

When the girls came back, Leslie was dressed in her rose-colored dive suit and Jessica was in a navy-blue suit. Leslie's blond hair was pulled back in a bun while Jessica's long brunette hair was pulled back in a ponytail. "Everything ready?" they asked. "Yeah, We just have to go get dressed now," Joe replied, then he and I went off to the dressing room. While we were getting dressed, I asked Joe, "did you notice how tight that suit was around Jessica's bust?" "No," he replied, "I was paying to much attention to Leslie's nice tight ass," and we both laughed a bit and finished getting ready.

When we returned, the girls were busily packing some things in watertight bags. "Are you all ready now?" they asked. We nodded and started to put on our fins, masks, and gloves while they did too. They we all put on our tanks and the girls gave us the watertight bags to put on so we did. Joe gave the thumbs-up and everyone followed suit to say we were all ready so we jumped in.

The underwater sealife was beautiful, but I doubted anything in the sea could be as beautiful as my diving partner. We had decided to partner up as it is always safer and since Joe and Leslie were dating they went together, thus leaving me with Jessica. Awww, poor me. I loved it.

As we went farther down, the water got darker and Jessica put on a under-water lamp. Soon, we lost sight of Joe and Leslie but we weren't worried about it. We swam from place to place pointing out strange fish and coral reefs. Shortly, we both began to get tired and just as I thought we were going to surface, Jessica caught me by the hand and told me to follow her, so I did.

She swam up to a large rock and then to its bottom. I couldn't make out what she was doing, but soon she disappeared, then I saw her hand motioning from underneath to follow, so I did. As I came up, I noticed there was an air pocket so I removed my mask. Jessica did to and said to follow her. We came up on a dry area and sat down. She asked for the bag, opened it, and retrieved a lantern from inside, lighting it. The lantern lit up the whole room.

The room, which was an underwater cavern of course, was bare rock but we were sitting on a little beach with the lantern in the middle. It shown so brightly, the room looked like day. We then took off our tanks and set them aside. Then she grabbed some sandwiches from the bag and handed one to me. "Do you like it?" she asked. "yeah, it's beautiful." "Good, I was hoping you would," she replied.

After eating, she grabbed something else from the bag. They were cards. I looked at her puzzling and she said that we were about to have some fun. Again, I looked at her puzzled and she explained. "I am the one that invited you to come, that's why Joe did. I have always had a fantasy about playing strip poker in an underwater cave and when I met you at his house the other day, I knew you were the one for me."

My eyes widened as she began to deal the cards. I couldn't believe my luck. This beautiful green-eyed, long-haired brunette with the cutest ass and the sexiest smile I had ever seen had brought me here to fulfill her fantasy. I sat down and got ready. She handed me my wallet, which she had conveniently made sure to pack and then got out $400 from her wallet.

The first few hands went badly for me. I had to take off my gloves and my fins, but I didn't mind as that cabin was hot and I was beginning to sweat. Then she lost. I won my fins and gloves back but I declined to put them on. I felt to comfortable. She lost her gloves, then her fins, then it was time to take her hair down. I had never seen a woman so beautiful with wet hair before. She was absolutely sexy.

As the game continued, she won and lost and finally lost her suit. I had to buy it in 2 parts but that was ok. When the first part came off, she had difficulty getting her wet suit over her breasts. I couldn't figure out why because they didn't seem all that big from the outside, but when she finally managed, I was amazed as her huge tits fell free. No wonder it was so difficult. We kept going and she won. She had the right to put her top back on but declined saying it was too difficult to do again, just to take it back off. With that she winked at me. When I won a few more hands, she lost the rest of her suit. Being a diving suit, of course she didn't have anything on underneath so she was completely nude. Covering her private areas with her crossed legs. We played a few more hands. She lost again, so she opened her legs wide and showed me her womanhood. A small triangle of hair was all there was above her pursed lips. We kept playing. As I won, she began to touch her breasts and then caress her lips. I asked if she wanted to keep playing and she said yes. So we did, when I beat her the last time, it was with a straight flush against her full house, so she dove both her hands in and masturbated herself to an orgasm. When she finished, she asked me if I was only into watching or if I wanted to join in. I quickly threw my suit off and jumped on top. The screaming of orgasms she had must have brought attention of the area wild-life and maybe a passing ship, but she didn't care. We had a blast.

When we returned, she winked and asked Joe when we could all come out again. She then said she liked her new dive-partner.

The End.

Author: Steve S (Stevedepasto)


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