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The Teacher Taught

Miss Cole was nearing the end of her teaching assessment.
She had worked very hard for eighteen months, for an unforgiving boss and now only had to cope with an overnight field trip with those wonderful children.
Mr Baldwin, her boss, gave specific instructions for no disturbance and that she should take responsibility for the overnight stay, to prove her worth.
At eight o'clock, she started to walk the dorm, all the curtains closed to block out the final dredges of sunlight, she sneaked around quietly until she came to the last room, the one closest to Mr Baldwin's and used for the trip for the four seventeen year old boys. They had been given this privilege as this was to be the last trip before finishing school.

She entered the room and about halfway down, kicked a low level coffee table left in the middle of the aisle.
"Shit!" she muttered under her breathe, hoping not to disturb the tranquility of the room.
No one moved and she proceeded to the end, when just as she turned to leave, a side lamp went on.
"Miss Cole, oh it's you, I was just thinking about you."
The bulge under the sheets clearly showed that John was thinking about something.
"Go to sleep." She replied.
"I can't now, not like this."
Her eyes tried so hard not to look at this enormous monster he revealed as he pulled the sheets back.
"Go to sleep, NOW!!"
It was too late; she had awoken the others in the room and what about Mr Baldwin.
She pleaded with them to just forget it and go to sleep, but John pulled up his shorts and walked across to the desk and the end of the room, closest to Mr Baldwin's bedroom.
"No, please don't disturb him, it's my final assessment." She pleaded.
"Well boys, what are we to do then, we clearly can't sleep?"

"I have some cards" Colin said suggestively.
"Miss Cole, strip poker perhaps?" asked John.
"You are disgusting, that's it" as she turned to leave. John raised his hand to knock on Mr Baldwin's door.
"No, stop, OK I'll play, just be quiet"

All the boys sat around the desk on one side as Miss Cole sat opposite. The idea of four boys dressed only in their shorts wanting to play strip poker, she could cope she thought.
John dealt the first hand.
"Oh, one rule Miss Cole, you cannot fold, or you lose."
She nodded nervously now.

She looked at her hand mm, two fours, that's great!
The boys huddled together and three folded.
"I though you said no folding?" Miss Cole enquired.
"No, only you can't fold," responded John with a smile.
It was clear now what was going to happen, she wasn't likely to win a hand against four and she wasn't leaving here until they'd seen her naked.
She lost the first hand, "shoes first" demanded John.
She leaned down to undo her shoes and one of the boys coughed and smiled at her, starting to make her blush slightly as they stared at her ass whilst she leaned over.
Another hand and yet another loss, this was not going to take long.
"Your blouse this time," ordered John.
"But .."
"Your blouse or your assessment," barked John.
She reached into the top of her skirt and pulled it free, then unbuttoned it slowly. The boy's eyes never left her side, transfixed by her form.
Now she wished that she had put on a bra; she pulled the blouse away, her breast sprang free, her nipples hardening to the coldness of the room. She lifted her hands to hide her shape. John shook his head and ushered her back to her seat with his eyes.
Strangely nervous, she had started to feel that warm sensation between her legs, but surely she couldn't show them. No, it would stop before that, surely.
The next hand was played with the same result.
"Now the skirt," John said.
Slowly she stood and unclipped the top and slid the zip down, finally holding it briefly before letting it drop to the floor. There was a gasp from all four boys, as they stared at the teacher they had all fantasized over, standing in front of them, wearing no panties.
"I never wear them," stuttered Miss Cole.
For a moment the boys were speechless, until John suggested one last hand.
Miss Cole stared back at him, "I have nothing else to lose, aren't you satisfied?"

"One more hand, that's all," John stated his eyes searching out her whole form.

"OK," although she wondered now what was in store?
Surprise, surprise, on the next hand she lost again.
"Go and stand on the low table," John asked in a firm but sensitive voice.
Miss Cole turned and walked to the table. When she stepped up and turned to face the boys, all four were stood in front of her. She smiled almost knowing what was about to happen.
Two boys concentrated on her legs, one started to caress her breasts as John let his hand rest on her pussy. Within moments she was starting to feel weak at the knees with all this attention, the caressing of her breasts turned to kisses and bites making her go wild inside and inside, was where John was. He had penetrated her with two fingers making her ride his hand for all she was worth.
After five minutes or so, she could take no more and fell on to her hands and knees. The three boys stepped back as John finally brought her to her first ever public orgasm.
The boys returned to the desk and gave themselves a gratuitous pat on the back of a job well done.
Miss Cole finally lifted her head up, breathless, panting.
"One more hand boys?"


Copyright Notice: All stories are copyright ©Rebel Poker.
If you wish you may link to these stories. You may NOT copy, edit or reproduce in full or part.