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The Train Journey

It was a cold autumn night, mid November, as the train pulls into the station, a milling of passengers search out the last available seats in the carriages fighting for the warmth as well as comfort. As a man reaches the end of the carriage he spots to opposite sitting seats and a small table left, he dives into grab the seat as a woman, slightly younger than him arrives simultaneously. They pass casual greetings and agree instantaneously that they will share the seating arrangement.

The man sits down and huddles in a corner; the young girl stands for a moment and then removes her coat.
The cold night has left its impressions on her and she discreetly hides the cold and its effects on her breasts, then she sits.

The train pulls out of the station and the journey begins.

The train had been traveling around five minutes now, it was becoming dark outside and so you could see your reflection in the glass. The gorgeous beauty opposite had shrugged and fidgeted in her chair a number of times looking to become comfortable and had now settled in, reading her Jackie Collins novel. I reached inside my bag and pulled out the most educational thing that I had a sports magazine. As I did she spoke, "May I lower the table?", as she had been squirming, her legs had been catching the table and so she wanted a little more room, I nodded and smiled without saying a word.

As she lowered the table, to make sure that it didn't bang down causing a disturbance to others, she leaned forward and over the top of my magazine, I peeked down, just viewing the top of her cleavage and the hint of white lace. However, my look clearly lingered longer that it should have and she looked up at me and saw that I was staring down her blouse. "Uh oh," was my first thought as she looked up, she'll call the guard. Instead she just looked at me with disgust, huffed to herself, and sat back in her chair. "Wow, I got away with it". Chatting to myself, I watched her sit back in the chair. She sat back, adjusted her skirt again and returned to her reading. This time however, she had placed her skirt above her knee, only just, but still above and my eyes, no matter how hard I tried, started to ride up her legs, to look at her knee and only imagine what it was she had hidden underneath. Again, my eyes roamed back to her legs from beneath my magazine, except this time she had become aware and was staring straight at me. I was done for, she called for the guard this time. She said that she was not comfortable with me sitting opposite her and could he remove me. I apologized profusely and due to the fact that the only other seat on the train was beside her, the guard warned me but then could do no more, although he told me in no uncertain terms, anymore trouble I would be walking from Grand Central to Boston. Feeling rather smug, she grinned at me and I sat back in my seat and started to stare out of the window, where I could do no harm.

At this moment, there was a flurry of suitcases and the automatic door popped open, a young woman, blonde this time, came in to the carriage complaining of the lack of seats. Spotting the one next to the lady opposite, she sat down and used the seat besides mine to pile her cases into place. I helped her with the baggage thinking that it would put me in a better light with the lady opposite and more importantly at this time, the guard.
She smiled said thank you, removed her winter coat and sat down. She was wearing flat shoes, a shorter skirt than the first lady, and beige in color, her legs were a cream color from her hosiery and she wore a loose fitting blue patterned gypsy top.

As she sat she adjusted her seating position a number of times, as the first lady had, however, on her third adjustment, her legs opened slightly more than the others and for a fleeting moment, I was seeing stocking tops and white silk panties. My eyes fluttered and then looked away, remembering the trouble I was already in. This time however, when I glanced back, the blonde lady was smiling and she winked, only slightly, but enough to gain my attention.

Suddenly, the journey seemed about to improve.
Looking across smugly at the first lady, I had a wry grin on my face that showed her I thought to myself, she can keep her principles and scruples to herself.
What happened next took some understanding, even today I am not sure what happened or why it did. One thing that I have always wondered is how the woman's mind works, a mystery to every man. I was continuing to quietly flirt with the blonde girl, she was playing with the lace in her gypsy top and looking across at me like a lost school girl, winding the lace around her finger and grabbing the toggle of the lace with her teeth and playing with the end of it with her tongue. It was then that the brunette lady coughed. She did it in such a way that she gained my attention.

Then, out of the blue, she blew me a kiss and winked at me. Hang on, wasn't this the woman that only thirty minutes ago was complaining profusely to the guard about my lewd behaviour? I smiled, more out of nervous tension than anything else and she winked again. Just then she reshuffled in her chair and adjusted her skirt, revealing more leg than ever before, so much so that the dark tops of the stockings were just starting to show at the hem of the dress. What was her game then?

At this moment, the blonde girl stood up and reached across to her suitcases, looking up at me as her head wavered just above my knees. She smiled a very cheeky smile and reached into the side pocket of her briefcase, making sure that her hand took the longest route and the closest possible one to my groin. On the way back passed the groin, she lowered (accidentally) her hand and just brushed my already growing cock.
Instantly I pulled away, looking straight out of the window, trying to clear my mind and work out what had just happened.
"Oh, sorry, I do apologize".
Was she, or was she just teasing me? I couldn't afford to get into anymore trouble with the guard, so suddenly I was in a strange position of not knowing whether to move forward with the woman and try for next base, or to just leave myself in her hands and hope for the best.
"Everything OK?" asked the brunette, "if there's a problem I can help with, I am a nurse." I stared at her like a deer trapped in the headlights of an oncoming truck. Looking down very quickly, I noticed that the skirt had raised even higher now and she was now showing, very openly, her black stockings with the pure contrast against her white flesh of her thighs.
Where was I supposed to look next, blonde or brunette?

I felt now, that I was not in any real control of the situation, from being disciplined by the guard three quarters of an hour ago, now it should be me making the complaint for harassment, but he would never believe me. The blonde girl obviously decided that I was giving to much attention to the nurse and slowly undid her lace of her top and eased it open right down to the last button hole, showing off an ample cleavage of what must be 36C or D cup breasts, with no bra. Where was I supposed to look, there they were, directly in front of me, asking to be looked at for the very least.

I leaned forward for a closer look as she continued leaning nearer and nearer toward me, until, just as I could feel the cold thin cotton, she sat back and grinned. How was I supposed to control myself, never mind the situation? Thanklessly, I turned for sanctuary to the nurse, only to see her halfway through the unbuttoning of her blouse, leaving only the bottom two buttons sealed and with me having a full view of the most beautiful, roundest breasts, wrapped delicately in a small flimsy silk and lace white bra. I moved forward in a motion to leave, although where I was going to go to I do not know.
At this moment, the blonde girl stood up fully and pressed her arms on to my shoulders forcing me back into the seat.
"Where do you think you are going?"
She let her hands carefully draw all around my face, on to my neck and down on to my chest. As she did she moans softly to herself. She took her right hand and placed it in mine, allowing my hand to start to trace up her inner thigh and along the smooth nylon outline of her legs. Higher and higher she went, my hand shaking ever more with every inch that I raised my hand. Nylon texture changed to warm and clammy flesh, then to soft silk. My god, I was touching it, she was letting me, my hand was inside her panties and I could feel her warmth, her wetness. Each turn of my hand, she rotated her hips, gyrating on top of my fingers, allowing my fingers to slide deeper inside her every time. Soon, she had unbuckled my belt and her hands were reciprocating the attention that mine were her.
I could feel my cock physically growing in her hand as she ran her fingers up and down the shaft, teasing the balls with her fingertips each time she reached the base.

After about three or four minutes, she stepped back and sat down, clearly satisfied and comfortable, judging by the sounds of pleasure that her moans were making as she returned to her seat.

She may have been satisfied, but now my cock was sitting inside my trousers, unzipped and bursting for action. I didn't need to worry, as she sat down the nurse spoke to me.
"Feeling a little uncomfortable are we?" I couldn't exactly say no and so I just shrugged and smiled a half smile. As I responded to her question, she opened her legs, further and further, until they were wide open and I was under no illusion of whether she was wearing her underwear. Sitting right in front of me, legs wide spread, the black stockings lead all the way to the most perfect pussy that I had ever seen.

She moved over towards me and knelt directly in front of me, unhooked my cock and slid it slowly into her mouth. More and more of my manhood disappeared into her mouth, surely she would stop. At seven inches she stopped and then toyed with the head flicking it with her tongue and then letting her tongue run along the underside of the cock. Next she let her tongue trace the cock and started suckling on the balls. All the time my hands had reached inside her blouse and I was fondling her breasts with my hands inside the lace bra, flicking and squeezing on the nipples. Doing this to her only excited her more to tease me for longer with her tongue.

There was no way that I could hold out anymore and with a mighty thrust of my hips I soaked her face and unloaded into her mouth, collapsing in a heap.
She continued to lick and suck until my cock was clean.

"Boston, Boston, the next station is Boston".
Almost immediately, both girls stood up, "Hey, wait where you going?"
The blonde looked across at the nurse, smiled and said "You stay there; you look like you need the rest. Come on sis, mum's expecting us."
I stared for a moment, lying and my cock still erect and standing out of the trousers.
"You're sisters!!"
The nurse took one last look down whilst finally adjusting her clothing, "Keep these, a memento," as she passed me her soaked white lace panties.
"I won't forget that" she said as she stared down for one long last look.
"Just one thing,"
"Yes" I replied trying my hardest to make myself as decent as possible as quickly as possible.


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