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Nina's Apartment (script)


You (The Player) and Nina have just returned from a first date to her apartment. After the traditional dinner and a movie, Nina suggests that you come back to her place. You are excited, but Nina isn't that easy. Nina, has recently re-entered the dating scene after growing tired of her surrogate lover, "Nick", the electronic vibrating dick. Nina wants a real man, but not just any average Joe. Nina wants a guy who is quick, clever and smooth; someone who can fully stimulate her. Nina with "Nick the Dick" can have only one orgasm, but she knows she can have intense, multiple orgasms and can easily ejaculate during each one if she meets the right man.

What better way for Nina to see if her man is cunning, clever and smart by a good old fashioned game of strip poker. Nina knows that this will separate the true stud from the run of the mill, mindless couch potato. You are more than happy to play and the game begins in her living room. If you win, you get to go with Nina to the bedroom, complete her sexually and retire "Nick" the dick for good. If you lose, you will spend the night on Nina's couch, naked, watching TV, listening to Nina getting off with "Nick" and sporting the biggest pair of blue balls ever. Nina loves having her dating losers listen to her masturbate, knowing they can't do anything about it. However, Nina would really love to find the right man to bring her to sexual fruition and give her the multiple orgasms she so badly desires. Could you be the one?

Nina's dialog if you're a dumb couch potato:

1st - "Poor thing, you must watch a lot of TV" (You take off your jacket for $40)

2nd - "Watch soap operas do you?" (You lose your shoes for $100)

3rd - "You enjoy the commercials too?!" (Say bye bye to your pants for $200)

4th - "Win when you watch those game shows do you? Well, too bad your losing now." (Shirt gone for $175)

5th - "Hope that couch is very comfortable for you tonight" (Nina gets the smelly socks for $200)

6th - "Too bad you can't hide it in the popcorn like you did earlier tonight" (Nina watches you take off your underpants for $200 and close your legs to hide your genitals. Naughty you, that popcorn trick is the oldest one in the book!)

7th - "Impressive, but 'Nick' is much bigger" (Nina gets to see the family jewels for $150)

8th - "Too bad you can't be my stud, but my TV does have cable you know" (Game over, you lose; naked with blue balls on Nina's leather couch. Nina does put a sheet over it though; she certainly wants no remnants of you when you leave in the morning.)

Nina's dialog if you are her winning stud:

1st - "Well I guess I should let me hair down" (Gives you her hair tie for $15)

2nd - "Don't watch much TV do you? Nah, you spend your time on other things; poker perhaps?"
(takes off her velvet jacket for $150)

3rd - "Fancy my shoes? No, they're not imitation leather!" (Shoes come off for $140)

4th - "Wow! Beat the pants off me; literally." (pants sold for $200)

5th - "I loved that shirt, Oh well." (shirt goes for $150)

6th - "Hmmm, quite perky they are, guess they enjoy losing" (Nina takes off her bra for $175 and comments on her breasts; nipples are erect and hard)

7th - "You're making Nick quite jealous" (takes off her panties for $200)

8th - "My I feel so vulnerable and yet so excited!" (Spreads legs and begins rubbing her breasts for $200)

9th - "You want me to do what with Nick? Well, I guess they say beggars can't be choosy" (Nina uses "Nick" on herself for $200 and brings herself to her first orgasm)

10th - "Forget Nick, your my real stud; come to bed honey" (You win, Nina is very wet as she puts "Nick" away and invites you to bed. You, the stud, bring her to experience many additional orgasms and both of you live happily ever after. The End!


Copyright Notice: All stories are copyright ©Rebel Poker.
If you wish you may link to these stories. You may NOT copy, edit or reproduce in full or part.