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A Real Life Strip Poker Story

When I was in high school, me and a girl friend of mine (Brenda) decided to skip school after our first class. We decided to go to a barn that was on the outskirts of my parent?s farm to smoke some pot. She was a beautiful girl with dark brown, wavy hair that went to the middle of her back and model like features with a tight slender perfectly tanned beautiful body to match. She was wearing a red, plaid flannel shirt with a short white skirt. We joked around a bit while we were smoking and she started acting like a farm girl by putting on a straw hat that my father kept in the barn when we bailed hay, a piece of straw in her mouth then started talking with a real strong southern accent. We stood there talking and joking around with one another for some time as we finished smoking the pot that we had. As we were finishing up the last little bit of the stash, I asked her if she would like to play a game of strip poker since I had some cards. She said that she didn?t have that much money, only a couple of dollars. I suggested that we go to the bank and get the dollars changed into penny rolls since I only had a couple of dollars on me as well and we can just play penny strip poker. She agreed and we made our way to the bank and got the rolls of pennies then went back to the barn.

We placed a bail of hay between us with a horse blanket over it to be the card table. She kept the straw hat on and stayed in the role of being a farm girl as we began to play some strip poker. We agreed for the rules to be that when one of us lost all of our money, we would have to give up a piece of clothing to get the money back to keep playing and that hats, shoes and socks all counted as one item since they were all very small and really had no significance. However, if that person who lost the first piece of clothing made the other person go broke, instead of getting their piece of clothing back by giving the money back to the other person in exchange for the clothing, the other person would have to give up a piece of their clothing to get their money back with no clothes going back on either of us until the end. The first person to make the other fully nude would win over all. We continued to joke with one another as we played with the winning hands going back and forth between us as we played. The conversation and joking started to get more and more towards a sexual nature and the anticipation of getting one another nude began to build. She unbuttoned the fist few buttons of her shirt and said that she would be a naughty farmer?s daughter as our body temperatures began to rise. I staired at her wonderful cleavage and bra line that was showing from her slightly unbuttoned shirt as she was slowly running out of money. I finally made her lose all of her money and she gave up her shoes, socks and the straw hat to regain her money so we could continue playing.

The game continued and as our body temperatures got hotter, the anticipation of making one another nude became almost unbearable. I was finally able to make her lose her money once again. She stood up in front of me with a big beautiful smile and started to slowly unbutton her shirt the rest of the way. I leaned forward placing my elbows onto the throw together card table to get as close to her as I could as she turned her back towards me and peeked over her shoulder to wink at me. She untucked the shirt from under skirt at the waist then slowly lowered her shirt from her shoulders to the middle of her back. She held the shirt at the middle of her back then slowly turned to face me once again to let her shirt fall from her arms. Then she slowly slide her hands up from her waist along the sides of her beautiful body to the sides of her breasts and squeezed them together slightly before sitting back down to continue play. She was wearing a nice silky white, lace trimmed bra that held the most beautiful, firm, perfect breasts that I have ever seen.

We continued to joke with one another and was making suggestive remarks while we exchanged long gazes into one another?s eyes as we resumed play. She was chewing on the piece of straw in her mouth more and more as she was noticing my money slowly running out. She was finally able to make me run out of money and I was fortunate enough to only have to surrender my shoes and socks. Game play continued and I made her lose all of her money once again. I leaned forward once again to get a nice close view as big smile came over her face once more as she stood up and began to sway her hips from side to side. She bent over at the waist and looked up at me as she slowly ran her hands up her legs from her ankles all the way up to her hips allowing me to have a very brief glimpse of her skin tight bright white panties she was wearing under her skirt before placing her hands onto her hips. She slide her hands behind her to the small of her back and winked at me once again as she turned her back to me and slowly unzipped her skirt. She held the top of her skirt between her fingers and slowly began to slide it over her hips. As the skirt was sliding down over her ass, she bent over and let the skirt fall the rest of the way down to her ankles. I could notice a small wet spot starting to form in the center of her panties as she slide her hands up the back side of her legs over her beautiful tight perfectly round ass as she stood back up straight. She bent her head back and arched her back and began to shake her head back and forth moving her hair from side to side letting the tips of her hair bush back and forth in the small of her back. Then she turned to face me once again and placed a couple of fingertips inside of the waistband of her tight panties at her hips and slide one of them over to the front of her pulling the top of her panties down slightly so that her pinky finger can just barely touch between the center of her legs before sitting back down to continue the game.

The excitement was getting so high in me with the thought of only having to make her go broke only two more times that I thought I was going to explode. Luck unfortunately had turned against me and instead she made me go broke. I stood up and smiled as I slowly raised my shirt over my head smiling from ear to ear the whole time then dropped it to the floor. I slowly rubber my hands over my chest and stomach while moving my hips slightly putting on a little strip tease the best I could for her. After making a fool of myself (I thought anyway), I sat back down to continue the game. We joked about my performance doing the strip tease and she started slowly losing her money again. I won all of her money once more and she smiled at me as she said, ?well here is some of the treat you have been working so hard towards?. With that she stood up once again and closed her eyes as she laid her head back and began to slowly run her hands over her stomach and breasts. I leaned as far forward to get as close to her as I could and could already see her nipples being hard and pointing from beneath the bra but the more she rubbed her hands over them the harder I was seeing her nipples get. She softly moaned as she squeezed her breasts together and pinched her nipples through her bra before sliding her hands to her back and unbuckling the clasp. As the bra loosened from around her, she placed her hands over her breasts once again and staired deep into my eyes as she slowly let the bra slide from in front of her breasts. She straightened out her arms allowing the bra to fall to the floor as she winked at me once again and began to lightly rub the palms of her hands over her nipples. Then with just her fingertips, she started to lightly move them around the outer edges of her nipples getting them rock hard. Then she fully cupped her breasts into her hands and spread her fingers open allowing her nipples to point out between her fingers as she slowly moved her hands across her breasts letting the nipples lightly slide inbetween her fingers. I could see the wet spot starting to show through her panties more as she moved her hands to the sides of her breasts and squeezed them together one final time before sitting back down for a new deal of the cards.

The cards were dealt and a new round was under way. The conversation stayed joking and fun but I couldn?t help stairing at her beautiful breasts the whole time we continued to play hand after hand. She would jokingly put a hand in front of her breasts from time to time and point upwards towards her face forcing me to look her in the eyes. We both continued to laugh and have a great time but the excitement within me was getting so high I had a hell of a time concentrating. I was able to manage and keep my concentration as her money was slowly dwindling once again. The anticipation of winning that last hand got higher and higher as her money neared the end and the final hand was won. I leaned forward placing my elbows onto the bail of hay that was acting as the card table as she smiled at me and said, ?at last the long wait is over for you. I think that you will enjoy watching this..?. She stood up once again and slowly swayed her hips back and forth as she ran her hands over the front of her panties, up her stomach, over her breasts and then turning her fingers downward sliding them straight down her stomach under her panty line into the front of her panties up to her thumbs. She pushed the front of her panties down slightly as she slid on finger between her legs as she laid her head back and moaned softly. I could see that the wet spot on her panties has gotten larger from the first time that I noticed it till now. She moved her finger slightly between her legs moaning softly as she slid her other hand over to her hip. Just has her other hand reached her hip, she slowly slid her hand from under her panties and placed her middle finger into her mouth as she moaned softly again and staired deeply into my eyes. She slid the finger from between her lips and laid her hand flat against her other hip sliding her fingers under the waistband of her panties.

She continued to softly sway her hips as she inched her panties slowly down her hips. As her panties slide from over her hips, she spun around turning her back towards me as she pulled her panties the rest of the way over her beautiful tight ass. She looked back and winked at me and watched me stair at her as she slid her panties slowly down her legs. As her panties reached her ankles, she stepped one foot out of them and slowly slid one hand up the inside of her leg as she held her ankle with her other hand. I was mesmerized with her every move and intently watched as the hand sliding up the inner part of her leg got closer and closer to the center. As her hand reached the center, she slide her fingers over her wet folds and over to her other leg slightly before moving her hand so that her middle finger was right in the center once again. She gently moved her finger over her clit and up and down the center of her wet folds as well as all around the outer edges of them before winking at me once again. Then she reached back sliding her middle finger further back and up her crack before slowly pulling it forward again letting the entire length of her hand slide between her legs. She stood back up straight and turned to face me then placed one leg up onto the bail of hay that was acting as the card table. She slowly slid her hands up and down her inner thighs and gently over the front of her perfectly trimmed hair patch before sliding them up her stomach once again and over her extremely hard erect nipples.

When she completed her tease, I leaned back and said, ?Oh my god!! That was fantastic. You are so gorgeous? and started to hand her clothes back to her. She shook her head no and said, ?We aren?t done yet. I still have to get you naked.? I said, ?Well you are already naked and don?t have any more clothes to hand over to regain your money back to keep playing.? She said, ?Well you just wait and see. I have a lot more in store to keep things going and make it more interesting than just clothes...? I agreed and we resumed game play. By this time, the excitement in me and the thoughts of what she might have planned coupled with the fact of this stunningly gorgeous woman sitting in front of me totally nude completely ruined my concentration. The hands were dealt one right after the other and I think this is the quickest I have ever lost all of my money since we started. I had no choice but to stand up and relinquish my shorts that I was wearing to her. I began to sway my hips as I unbuttoned the top of my shorts and slowly slid the zipper all the way down. I turned my back to her so she wouldn?t see the huge hard on that I had as I slid my shorts over my hips and let them fall to the floor. I placed my hands on my hips and swayed them back and forth some more as I looked back at her. She was smiling from ear to ear and I could see the anticipation in her eyes as she was patiently waiting for me to turn around. I couldn?t delay it any longer so I turned around and put my hands out to my sides with my palms up in sort of a ?well here I am? pose and smiled at her as I held the pose for a brief second before I sat back down to resume play. As the cards were dealt, I had to force myself to concentrate harder then I ever had to before because I couldn?t let the opportunity slip from my grasp after being so close to see what else she had in store for me from her comments earlier.

The round continued and the winnings shuffled back and forth between us. This round had to have been one of the longest rounds up to this point but luck finally got on my side and I made her lose all of her money once again. I couldn?t contain the smile on my face as it spread as wide as it would go or the anticipation on my face. I leaned forward as far as I could as she stood up once again straightening her legs first while staying bent at the hips. She placed her feet about shoulder width apart then slowly stood up straight sliding her hands slowly up her legs looking up at me and smiling as she stood straight and tall with her hands flat against her hips. She placed one hand onto her breast and began to lightly pinch her nipple moving it back and forth between her fingertips as she began to slide her other hand over her stomach and then straight down between her legs. She placed one leg up onto the bail of hay again and started to rub her finger up and down the center of her wet folds as she laid her head back and moaned softly. She started to lightly rub her fingertip around the outer edge of her nipple while she slid her finger all around the outer edges and center of her wet folds and gently across her clit. She centered her fingertip onto her clit and lightly moved it back and forth while gently messaging her breast with her other hand. The moans began to get slightly louder and the pace of her fingertip moving across her clit began to quicken. She lightly bit her bottom lip as the intensity was building inside of her. As I leaned in as close as I could to watch the beautiful show, she slowly slid her middle finger deep inside herself. She started to move her finger slowly in and out while pulling her hand up slightly letting the base of her finger rub against her clit. Her moans began to get louder and more frequent as she slid her finger from inside her once again to continue messaging her clit.

She placed her wet finger inside of her mouth and slowly pulled it from between her lips as she turned her back towards me and bent over at the waist. Her beautiful tight ass was right in front of me as I saw her finger appear through the center of her legs. She slid her fingers up and down over her wet folds before spreading them slightly. She placed her middle finger back into the center and then slowly slid it deep inside her once again. I could see between her legs that she was gently messaging both of her breasts as she was slowly sliding her finger in and out of her. Her back arched slightly and her moans became more frequent as she slid her finger out one last time and began to lightly rub it over her clit. Then she slide both hands up her sides as she stood up straight once again then turned to face me with her hands cupped over her breasts gently messaging them. I leaned back totally stunned and in disbelief with a smile from ear to ear. She blew a kiss at me and said, ?Well lets deal the cards and start another round. I am going to get you naked yet..? She sat back down and I felt like I was in total shock. All I could respond to her with was a meager ?okay? before we resumed play.

The cards were delt hand after hand and my concentration was totally shot at this point. I didn?t win one hand before all of my money was gone. The moment has arrived for me to relinquish my final piece of clothing. As I stood up, she leaned forward as I did. The hard wood that I was sporting felt like it was going to rip through my underwear at any moment. I began to sway my hips for her as a big beautiful smile came across her face. I lightly rubbed my hands over myself trying to give her the pleasure that she gave me but I felt as though it was no comparison. The moment finally arrived to where I had to pull off my underwear and relinquish them over to her. I did so as sexy as I could for her and continued the show for a few minutes before slowing to a halt and placing my hands on my hips. I started to sit down when she suddenly stood up and prevented me from sitting down by softly grabbing the tops of my arms and holding me there as she slowly made her way around the bail of hay we were using as the card table. She gazed deeply into my eyes as she stood up against me, wrapping her arms around me and passionately kissed me. I will let your imagination finish the rest of what happened and just say that this day was one of the best, most memorable days of my entire life.


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