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Jane's Revenge 4

Previously, Jane (5 ft 7 29A), Jee Jean (5ft 5 32B) and Josh (5 ft 11) got together a little game of poker, which Jane proceeded to lose at horribly. Of course this led to strip poker, in which Jane showed how she had been playing possum. She took advantage of her winning ways, and convinced the two to wager themselves as her sex slaves for a day. They lost the bet, and have just spent the remainder of the evening sucking and licking their way through orgasms for everyone. They concluded the night curled up in a large pile in bed, sleeping peacefully. When they woke up, Jane had gone and left instructions for the two of them to shave each other, and do whatever else came naturally. They had a glorious lovemaking session, and over the course of the day, feelings other than just sex came to light. They had just collapsed together again, when they heard Jane's key hit the front door lock. Jane walked into the bathroom, and saw Jee Jean lying on top of Josh, the tub slowly draining around them.

Jee Jean turned her head, to look at Jane; a post orgasmic grin still plastered across her face.

"Hi, Ma'am, how are you" She said, her voice very enraptured.

"It looks like you two made me a good tape. Thank you pets" Jane said, reaching over to turn off the camera.

"Oh yeah, the camera!" Josh said, remembering that they had taped the whole thing.

"Well, get out of that tub, towel off, and come in the other room, I want to inspect your work." Jane said, rolling her eyes at them as she left the room.

Jee Jean got out of the tub and grabbed a towel. Josh offered to help her towel off, but she thought that they had better not get started down that road again.

"We know what happens when the two of us get all touchy feely, don't we?" said Jee Jean

They shared a laugh and walked out into the living room, all dry and clean. Jane was sitting back in the hideous green leather recliner they found at a garage sale in the "rich" part of town. The color was truly awful, but it was comfy, and it matched their decorating scheme of "really cheap chic." Jane looked at the two and smiled.

"Look at my two pets, freshly shaved and even more freshly fucked!" Jane said, grinning. "Lets have you two present yourselves for inspection."

Josh looked at Jee Jean; she looked at him, neither of them precisely sure what Jane meant. They stood in front of Amy, side by side, arms hanging at their sides.

"No, no, no, no. That's not what I want. Hands behind your neck, legs spread just beyond shoulder width, eyes forward. Shouldn't be that hard." Jane said, a stern tone creeping into her voice.

Jee Jean and Josh moved into the prescribed position, Josh's cock starting to rise under the scrutiny. Jane smiled and grabbed it, stroking it to full hardness with one hand, while running her other hand over Jee Jean's smooth slit. Jee Jean let out a small moan, as Josh felt Jane's hand move to his smooth balls. Abruptly, Jane let go of them, and stood up, walking around behind them.

"Bend at the waist, grab your ankles." She said, a loving yet stern tone in her voice.

They both complied, Josh's hard cock rubbing against his stomach as he bent over. He felt Jane pull his cheeks apart, inspecting him in detail. He let out a soft grunt when her finger ran over his anus.

"Very nice boy, our girl has done a thorough job on you. You may return to standing upright, eyes forward," Jane said.

Josh stood, and from the corner of his eye, he could see that Jee Jean's backside was getting the same inspection as he got. he heard Jee Jean's moan when Jane touched her tiny pucker.

"I see that you did a very nice job with the girl as well, boy." Jane said, walking around in front of them. "Question, did accomplishing this leave the two of you tired, or hungry?"

Quickly, Jee Jean and Josh told Jane that they were both very hungry, but not really tired. Jane told them that she stopped at a deli for some lunch while she was out, and there were sandwiches in the kitchen. She said that she wanted to watch their tape, and they could go eat in the meantime. She dismissed them, giving Jee Jean a swat on the ass as they walked away. In the kitchen, Jee Jean and Josh both sat and ate their sandwiches, chips and potato salad. Josh hadn't realized how hungry he actually was, until he devoured the food in record time. Jee Jean sucked down her food speedily as well. They were so busy devouring the lunch that they never even spoke. The only noise, aside from the sound of chewing, was the sound from their videotape in the other room. About the time they finished up, they could both hear the unmistakable sounds of Jee Jean cumming, on the tape, from the living room. they walked back, only to see Jane, on the couch, completely naked, her legs splayed apart, a small "pocket rocket" vibrator humming as she worked it over her wet pussy. She pressed pause on the tape, and smiled at them.

"Very nice pets! That was fast, you're just in time. I'm in the mood for you to work on my feet. I am going to keep watching the tape, each of you take a foot, and give me a massage." Jane said, licking her lips.

Jee Jean and Josh sat down and took Jane's feet in their hands. Their backs were to the television set, although the sound of Jee Jean's orgasm from their oral ministrations was obvious. Jee Jean blushed a little, when she actually heard how dirty her mouth could be, in the throes of passion. Josh looked at her as he rubbed Jane's foot with soft pressure, and gave her a wink. Before long, Jane had her pocket rocket fired up again, and was tracing the length of her slit with it, dipping the tip of it into her, moaning. Josh's hands roamed her foot, feeling for tense spots, finding them, and carefully working them out. Jane looked down at Jee Jean and Josh, smiling.

"Mmmmm oh, that is nice, keep it up, pets" Jane said.

Jee Jean caught Josh's attention with her eyes, and gave him a look, as if to say, "follow my lead." As she rubbed Jane's foot, Jee Jean leaned over and planted a soft, wet kiss right on her big toe. She continued down her toes, kissing each one in turn. Josh followed, lavishing kisses on her toes, and then the rest of Jane's delicate little feet. Neither of them was a foot fetishist, but the look of ecstasy on Jane's face as they worshipped her feet was more than enough to make them love what they were doing. Before long, they sucking on Jane's toes, tickling each one with their tongues, sucking them as if they were a penis, as Jane furiously frigged her clit with the humming little vibrator.

"Oh yes, suck my toes, suck them sluts. Oh god, keep sucking, I'm gonna cum! Yes, that's it, suck my toes, you bitches, oh, oh oh, god! I'm cumming." Jane yelled.

Jane's back arched, her hand flying off her clit, the vibrator falling to the floor as she started to come. Jee Jean stopped sucking, and began softly caressing Jane's feet, as she came down from her orgasm. On the television, they could hear the sounds of Jee Jean and Josh's orgasm together in the bathtub. They both giggled at the timing of this.

"Stop giggling like a couple children, Your mouths NEED to be up here, kissing me!" Jane said, grinning in a post-orgasmic bliss.

They moved up and Jane grabbed the back of Josh's head, by the hair, pulling his face to hers and kissing him deeply, her tongue snaking into his mouth forcefully. Jee Jean began covering Jane's face and neck with soft kisses as Josh kissed her. Jane momentarily broke the kiss with Josh, turning her face to Jee Jean, who received an equally forceful, passionate kiss. Josh took his turn planting kisses all over Jane's face and neck until her lip lock with Jee Jean broke, and she began to slowly push Jee Jean's head downward. Jee Jean responded to this by kissing her way down Jane's neck, her breasts, sucking a nipple into her mouth, then down, Jane's torso, kissing her tummy, her belly button, then her hips, finally settling in front of her glistening snatch, still wet with the dew from her earlier orgasm. As Jee Jean slowly started to lick the juices from Jane's sex, Josh moved to her breasts, placing soft kisses all over the surface of them, avoiding the small rosy nipples until Josh had covered the rest of the breasts. Jane began to grind her hips once Jee Jean went at her slit with her tongue, nibbling and licking at the folds of her lips. Josh sucked one of Jane's hard nipples into his mouth, very gently biting at it. The two of them were doing a very good job of making Jane moan, as a guttural, incoherent string of vowels escaped her mouth.

" Oaahhhooo, Uhn Huh, iiiiieeee!" Jane moaned as Josh moved from one nipple, to the other, as Jee Jean decided to attack Amy's erect little clit, now poking its head out from the nest of her pubic hair.

As Jee Jean sucked at Jane, she pushed two fingers into her, moving them in and out, fucking her. This pushed Jane over the edge, her face contorting in an extreme orgasm, her mouth wide open in a silent scream. One of Jane's hand's grabbed the back of Josh's head as the other grabbed Jee Jean's hand, stopping both of them, leaving them unable to do anything but watch and enjoy Jane's climax. When she began to come down, They moved up beside Jane, wrapping their arms around their mistress, cuddling her in her bliss. Time seemed to stand still as they lay there, one mass of naked, sweaty flesh. Even thier breath seemed to rise and fall in unison, that is, until Amy jumped up.

"You did a good job my pets. I have enjoyed it very much, I expect to win you two again next week cause I more plans for you." Jane said as she walked toward her room to give Jee Jean and Josh's clothes back after a hard day of fucking.
To be continued…


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