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Joe's Adventures 2

Joe (5ft5) a collage student studying to be a doctor.
Jade ( 5ft7 32D) a lesbian who is also one of Joe's teachers.
Elisa (5ft5 34D) Jade's girlfriend and another one of Joe's teachers.
Zorellee (5ft3 32B) Joe's tomboy neighbor.
Kristine (5ft5 38D) Zorellee's busty single mother.

Previously Joe was challenged by his teachers to game of strip poker to help him improves his grades in school which lead for Joe to fuck them both.

Joe is playing Tekken in the neighborhood arcade when he was challenged by the tomboyish Zorellee. Surely Joe is good in playing the game but Zorellee is better. Joe lost the match.

"Well isn't it Joe." said Zorellee.

"What do you want?" asked Joe.

"I am looking for you cause I want you to teach me how to play poker." said Zorellee.

"Okay I'll go to your house later." answered Joe.

And so Joe agreed to teach Zorellee how to play poker so that afternoon Joe came and with him was a deck of cards the very same cards that was used in his poker match with his teachers. Joe entered Zorellee's house and both went to the living room where Joe taught Zorellee everything she had to know to play poker. So its time for a practice match.

"But I don't have any money now." said Zorellee.

"Then lets play for our clothes." Joe answered.

"You mean strip poker." asked Zorellee

" Yes strip poker but you can quit anytime if you don't want to continue." Joe said back.

With that assurance Zorellee agreed with the terms of the game. And so they begin the first five hands were won by Zorellee might cause of beginners' luck and Joe just like the last match is again down to his boxers which could hardly hide his huge cock. But Zorellee' luck just run out and is now gonna make a decision either to back out or continue to remove her shirt to reveal her white bras.

" So what is it are you quitting or going to remove your shirt?" asked Joe.

"Well I see that your down to your boxers and I can actually see you hard cock. It is just right for me to a least show you something aswell." Zorellee said as she removes her tops revealing her white bras.

"I didn't expect you to be wearing a bra and I'm gonna bet your not wearing panties but briefs." joked Joe.

"You have to win to know." said Zorellee.

And the hand was dealt and Zorellee lost again.

"Looks like I gonna find out after all." said Joe.

"Man! Your good! You have gotten me down to my undies."said Zorellee as she remove her shorts revealing that she is wearing white cotton panties that match her bras.

"Well your not what I expected you to be so do we continue or not?" asked Joe.

"I told you before I have already seen yours so its just right to show you mine as appreciation for teaching me how to play. "answered Zorellee

So they continue to play and Joe lost his boxers but quickly covers his cock.

"Are you suppose to cover that?" asked Zorellee.

"Well you just have to win one more to see it." said Joe while covering his cock.

So they continued and Zorellee lost the hand and remove her bras but quickly cover her perky tits.

"Well all is fair." Said Zorellee.

The next hand Zorellee now have to show her perky tits.

"I'm ashamed mine aren't as large as my mother's but do you think they are pretty?" asked Zorellee.

"Well small tits have their advantage also not everyone preferred large anyway." answered Joe.

So they continue and Zorellee lost 2 straight and now showing Joe her treasured cunt.

"So what now is it over, I have nothing more to offer." said Zorellee.

"One more hand if you I'll show you my cock and do anything you want but if you lose your gonna give me a blowjob." said Joe.

"Seems fine with me both win or lose at least I get to see your huge cock." said Zorellee

So they played one more hand as expected Zorellee lost.

"So where's my blowjob?" asked Joe as he show his huge cock to Zorellee who quickly knelt down to suck his cock.

Sure Zorellee isn't as experience in sucking cock like Elisa but Joe is pretty much enjoying herself as Zorellee continue to suck him off. But someone unexpected came Zorellee's mother came home early and seeing her daughter sucking someone's cock put her in a state of shock.

"What's happening here Joe why is my daughter sucking your cock?" asked Kristine

Joe stood up. Zorellee was stunned. Joe walked torwards Kristine and grabbed her and start to fondle her huge tits under her clothes.

"Stop! What are you doing? Stop!" cried Kristine as Joe continued to massage her huge tits under her clothes.

Zorellee couldn't move as her mother was being raped in front of her by Joe. Joe moves his other hand to slowly unbuttoned Kristine's top revealing her red bras. And Kristine's cries turn into moans as Joe started to remove her bras and suck her nipples. Kristine was in heaven Joe wasn't just a good cunt eater but also good in sucking tits as he lick her nipples and chew it and laying Kristine down the floor. While busy on sucking Kristine's huge tits he ordered Zorellee to come near and removes her mother's remaining clothes. As Zorellee removes her mother's red panties Joe noticed that Kristine was already wet down there so he position himself ready to fuck Kristine's soaking pussy while Zorellee watch and play with herself as her mother was being fucked by Joe. Kristine pussy isn't as tight as Elisa's or Jade's but still good enough to fuck. After several thrust Kristine is moaning so hard that she have her first orgasm while Joe shoot his whole load of cum in her cunt as he stood up he saw Zorellee playing with herself so he called her and ordered her to lick her mother's soaking cunt. Zorellee was thinking at first but when she saw the smile on her mother's face she knelt down and start to lick her mother's soaking cunt, tasting both her mother's juices and Joe' cum which just aroused Zorellee more and cause of this attention Kristine is getting she is moaning just as hard as she was while Joe fucking her . Joe being an opportunist took this as an opportunity to fuck Zorellee's tight cunt. Without any warning he ram his cock inside Zorellee's cunt doing it doggie style. It was the tightest cunt he have fuck. Zorellee scream in pain as her pussy was invaded by Joe's huge cock but her pain was quickly replace by pleasure as Joe continued a steady rhythm of thrust which lead to her orgasm and so did Kristine who cum again on Zorellee's face and Joe who cum as well in Zorellee's tight cunt. After the three-way orgasm Joe start to dress up and leave when Kristine stop him.

"It was the best fuck I had in years. Thanks Joe." Said Kristine.

"The pleasure was all mine." Answered Joe

"Our house is always open and so does our cunt. Come again if you need a fuck." Said Kristine as Joe leaves the house.

To be continued…


Copyright Notice: All stories are copyright ©Rebel Poker.
If you wish you may link to these stories. You may NOT copy, edit or reproduce in full or part.