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strip poker stories

Joe's Adventures

Joe (5ft5) a collage student studying to be a doctor.
Jade ( 5ft7 32D) a lesbian who is also one of Joe's teachers.
Elisa (5ft5 34D) Jade's girlfriend and another one of Joe's teachers.

Joe wasn't doing well in Jade's and Elisa's class so Jade told him to stop by at school this Sunday. When he entered the room, he was surprised to see Elisa as well.

"Joe, sit down and lets talk about your failing grades." said Jade.

" This isn't what I expected from you." Elisa seconded. " You're a good student but looks like your not studying your lesson."

"What do you proposed me to do to help my grades?" asked Joe.

"Simple beat us in a game of strip poker. If you win I'll do something about your grade and maybe something else, but if you lose you'll do something for us." Proposed Jade.

"What's the rule?" asked again by Joe.

"We'll play us a team against you. When you lose a hand you'll strip one article of clothing while if you win we'll both strip one article of clothing. We'll not suppose to wear any article we won. Understand?" answered Elisa.

"I agree." Joe answered back. He doesn't care anymore about his grades he just want to strip both these fine ladies in front of her.

The game started and luck was not in Joe's favor so he had strip his jacket. Still not in his favor he was forced to remove his shoes. After that he had to strip again. He removes his socks. Still thinking he could win and can strip the two ladies he continued to play. But just like all other hands he had to remove his shirt revealing a very muscular frame that amazed both his teachers who now wants to end it and see what he has. And it wasn't long as he removes his pants. Now both teachers could see the erection under his boxers, which was the last thing he had.

"Oh what a Big Boy you are!" exclaimed Elisa.

"Why don't you quit now so you can ease yourself." Said Jade

The next set of hands have been on Joe' side and now has recover all his clothes but still could not wear them. So his erect cock is still can be seen under his boxers and maybe cause of this his teachers loss their concentration on the game and busy thinking about the huge cock in front of them. And now it was his turn to strip his teachers first they both took off their shoes. And another good hand and then another winning his teachers' clothes. Now it was almost even Joe wearing a boxers that could hardly cover his cock, Jade wearing black bras and panties, Elisa wearing the same set of bras and panties. Joe just can't stop looking at his teachers whose huge tits reveal their visibly hard nipples under their bras and a wet spot in their panties.

"How about let add something to the rules after either of us get naked we'll need to win 3 more times." Proposed Jade.

"And for what?" asked Joe.

"For penalties the winning hand will ask the losing hand to do something" said Elisa.

Joe thought for a minute and agreed, now not only will he see both his teachers naked he can actually asked them do something as well.

So the hands are dealt and Joe lose his boxers but quickly cover his cock pretty much do his teachers' dismay. Joe doesn't want to lose again or else he'll need do to something for them. So he concentrate so much that he won. Now his teachers remove their bras revealing their huge tits and erect nipples .The next hand was won again by Joe. So immediately Elisa and Jade quickly remove their panties but quickly kept their legs shut. Now it their time to win so they asked Joe to expose his hard cock to them. Now he fully exposed his 12 inch. cock that very much pleased his teachers with the great view. With an expose cock in front of them Elisa and Jade lost their concentration and lose that hand and now in the same situation as Joe. Both teachers did a spread eagle revealing their wet pussies and open them wide with their fingers to show their swollen clits. Joe was in paradise having to beautiful ladies exposing their wet pussies and swollen clits. And cause of this he had to masturbate until he cums on the next hand. Joe was very much pleased on what he heard now he can solved his erection. He started to slowly stroke his cock, increasing his pace every second until he cums and sprayed both Elisa and Jade with it. Elisa and Jade quickly rub Joe's cum on their gorgeous bodies. Joe couldn't lose this one it is his last and luck did save him giving him quite a win against the two beauties. Joe asked Jade and Elisa to masturbate in front of him aswell. Both ladies start to massage their huge tits, pinch their nipples, and play with their clit. The erotic scene was to much for Joe, he quickly rose from her seat and approached Jade and begun to suck and play with her huge tits. Jade moans with satisfaction as Joe continued his assault on her huge tits. Elisa seeing these quickly goes down on Joe to suck and lick his huge cock. Joe felt pleasure after pleasure as Elisa swallowed his huge cock in her mouth and he cums inside Elisa's mouth and she swallowed it all from the last drop. But Joe wasn't finished yet. He started to kiss Jade's body until he reach her pussy where he started to suck and nibble on Jade' swollen clit while Elisa replaces Joe on sucking and playing with Jade's huge tits. Jade couldn't resist it any longer as she backed her ass her orgasm came spraying Joe's face with her juices. Joe knew Jade needs to recuperate so he grabbed Elisa and lay her on the floor as he started to kiss her and fondle her also huge tits. Then Joe quickly position his cock in front of Elisa' cunt and ram it with full force. The room was filled with moans of pleasure from the two. Joe loves the feeling of how tight Elisa's cunt is and Elisa loves the feeling of how full her cunt is with Joe's huge cock. Within a few second both teacher and student cum. Joe stood up seeing a huge smile of satisfaction in Elisa's face as he was about to pick up his clothes to leave.

"You couldn't just leave this room without fucking me first." Said Jade with lust in her eyes seeing Joe's cock grew back.

She quickly lay Joe down the floor and rode Joe's huge cock. If Elisa was tight then Jade is tighter. And the way Jade is riding his cock and the way she is playing with her huge tits he is very much in heaven and so was Jade with such a huge cock she is riding she might just have another orgasm. Elisa rose up and straddled on Joe's face and ordered him to lick her cunt. Joe obediently replied and started to tongue fuck Elisa's wet cunt. Elisa was going nuts. Joe is a master in licking girls cunt and soon enough she was thrashing about for an orgasm. Joe was ready to explode as well and with a loud moan from the three all of them cums at the same time.

Jade rose from Joe's now softening cock and lay beside him and so did Elisa on the other side sandwiching Joe between two ladies with pretty much huge tits.

"We wasn't able to finish the game now how do I suppose to get a good grade from you now?" asked Joe.

"You already did, you already did." Said by both Jade and Elisa as the three quickly fell asleep.

To be continued…


Copyright Notice: All stories are copyright ©Rebel Poker.
If you wish you may link to these stories. You may NOT copy, edit or reproduce in full or part.