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Jane's Revenge 3

Previously, Jane (5 ft 7 29A) , Jee Jean (5ft 5 32B) and Josh (5 ft 11 got together a little game of poker, which Jane proceeded to lose at horribly. Of course this led to strip poker, in which Jane showed how she had been playing possum. She took advantage of her winning ways, and convinced the two to wager themselves as her sex slaves for a day. They lost the bet, and have just spent the remainder of the evening sucking and licking their way through orgasms for everyone. They concluded the night curled up in a large pile in bed, sleeping peacefully.

Saturday morning, Josh's eyes drifted open as the sun streamed in the bedroom window. He was barely sure if he was awake, or asleep. He was laying there naked, with Jee Jean laying snuggled in his arms, idly tracing her fingers across his chest.

"Was I dreaming, did all of this happen?" asked Josh.

Reality started to slowly seep in, when he realized that dreams never left such a, sticky feeling afterward. He looked down at Jee Jean, and realized she was staring a hole in the back of his head. The huge grin and the big blue eyes looking at him made him smile back.

"What?" Josh asked.

"Nothing, just looking at you, you know you're awfully cute, don't you?" Jee Jean said, still with the mooning eyes, brushing Josh's messy morning hair from his eyes

"Oh, ok, um, cool," Josh said, blushing. "How do you feel?"

"A little sore, but not so bad." Jee Jean said, giggling and giving Josh's cock and balls a gentle squeeze, "How is your cock feeling?"

"Oh, well used, sticky, as expected...and as much as I'd like to lay here all day with you, I really have to pee." Josh said, kissing her on the forehead.

"Yeah, we better get up, god knows when Jane will be back." Jee Jean said, rolling off Josh.

Josh turned and sat up on the edge of the bed, rubbing his face as reached over to the hook beside their bed.

"Where my robe?" Josh asked.

But the robe was gone. In its place was a note that said, "No Clothes, remember? - Jane."

He walked into the bathroom, closed the door, and started to take a leak. Just as he is having a good flow going, Jee Jean walked in the room, holding a note.

"I think you need to take a look at this, Josh" Jee Jean said, hopping up on the sink.

"Um, do you mind, I'm peeing right now!" Josh said

"Yeah, right, like you didn't just have that same cock in my mouth a couple hours ago?" Jee Jean retorted.

"Ok, you have a point there, I'm finished anyhow." Joish said, tapping and reaching to flush.

Jee Jean grabbed his hand and said "Fine, you read it, I have to go too."

Josh took the paper, stepped out of the way, as Jee Jean sat down and began to pee. It seemed odd, not really erotic as much as it was oddly romantic, intimate. Jee Jean and Josh had no physical secrets any more. As Jee Jean started to pee, Josh read the note from Jane. It really wasn't a note so much as a set of instructions for what she wanted them to do while she was away.

"Sweet Boy and Girl; After the activities last night, I felt you needed a bit of a rest, you both performed beyond any hopes I had. I adore you both. Now, I have even bigger and better plans for the rest of the day, but I need some supplies. What I need you two to do is get cleaned up. I wish I could be there to watch, but we have so much to do, and so little time before the day is over. First, I noticed that Jee Jean's pussy was a tad bit stubbly, so that needs to be taken care of. Josh, help her with this as she instructs you to, because after you are done with her, she's is gonna remove all that nasty hair from your cock and balls. Luckily, you aren't an ape, so I'm going to let you keep your chest hair, and you don't have a hairy ass. I expect you to be clean and smooth down below. I know that you have a Video camera, so set that up in the bathroom. There's no restrictions, so feel free to make me a good movie, pets, I want something that's will make me wet every time I see it. Remember, you two are very special, I can't believe how much all three of us are enjoying this. -Love, Jane."

By the time he finished the note, Jee Jean had finished, and hopped up on the edge of the sink. She reached around behind her and started the hot water running, filling the sink. Josh went and retrieved the video camera with tripod from the closet and came back as Jee Jean was turning the water off. He set up the camera in the corner opposite the sink. He looked at the little view screen to make sure the picture looked good, and Jee Jean put one leg up on the sink, exposing her pussy to him, and the camera. She moved her finger down to her slit and spread her puffy, pink lips.

"How's it look?" Jee Jean said, giggling.

"Looks like a tasty lunch to me!" Josh shot back, sticking out his tongue, and walking back over to her.

"Easy buster, we've got work to do before you use that," Jee Jean said, reaching down to grab his growing erection, "or this." Jee Jean's other hand reached up to grab a hold of the back of his head. She pulled his face toward hers, kissing him deeply, her tongue invading his mouth, lightly tickling his tongue and teeth. They kissed for a few moments, it felt like a lifetime, lost in her kiss. Finally she broke the embrace. "Wow," she said, breathless, "We have to stop that for now, I'm gonna get out of control if we keep that up."

Josh had no words, he just looked at her, nodding his head. "Yeah, uh, yeah"

She grabbed a wash rag, and dunked it in the hot water of the sink basin. "This is a little trick I learned, it helps so much to get a clean shave with out irritation." She said, wringing the washrag out, folding it, and pressing it against her slit. "Feels good too!" She handed him the can of shaving cream from the shelf, and he sprayed some into his hand. She took the wash cloth away, he kneeled and started to lather her up. As he did this, she let out a small gasp. He quickly stopped and took his hands away.

"What, are you ok? Did I hurt you?" Josh asked.

"Oh god, not at all, that felt very nice." She said, running her finger across his face, "please continue."

Josh started again, lathering her up, coating her whole slit, and a fair amount of her thighs with the thick cream. She looked down at it and started to laugh. "Wow, you used a lot, that's funny! How hairy do you think I am?" She said

"I may have gone a little overboard, I was enjoying myself." Josh said, looking up at her with a sly grin. She reached for the razor, popping the cartridge out, and sliding a new one in. She handed the razor to Josh, and directed him as he removed the foam, and the short fuzz on her with careful strokes, always going with the natural grain of the hair. He worked his way from the outer area of her pubis, moving in, gently working toward her slit, and back from that toward her puckered little anus. Even through the smell of the lather, he could smell the natural aroma of her excitement. As he finished, she handed be the hot wash cloth again, and he wiped away the excess lather. She was now smooth as silk, and moist to the point where he could not wipe it away. She slid her hand down to feel the job Josh had done.

"Good job, are you sure you haven't done this before?" she said, gently fingering her smooth sex.

"Don't do that" Josh said, taking her hand and moving it away, "allow me" Josh began with her inner thigh, and began placing soft little kisses all over the soft skin, alternating legs, moving very slowly upward, the aroma of her pussy filling his nostrils, clouding his brain. He covered her legs with kisses, hearing nothing but the sound of his lips on her thighs, and her breath, heavy and thick. As he reached her sex, he paused, looking up at her.

"I told you it looked like lunch," Josh said, grinning.

Jee Jean threw her head back and laughed, her laughter turning into a hard moan as Josh placed the flat of his tongue at the base of her slit, and slowly and sloppily licked the length of it, tasting how wet she was. "Oh!" she yelled, as Josh moved his tongue back down, stopping just short of her clit. Her little love button was now erect and protruding from its hood. It was tempting to just go for it and give it a little lick, but Josh wanted to savor this. He gently nibbled at her outer labia, giving them tiny little bites, not hard enough to hurt, but from the moans coming out of Jee Jean's mouth, enough to feel good. He kept moving downward, nibbling at her lips, then licking at the base of her pussy, down, across the flat of skin below it, until He reached her puckered little rosebud. His tongue danced around the crinkles of skin, teasing her.

Josh hadn't ever tried orally pleasuring a girl in this way, but as he nibbled and licked her, his mind flashed to a recent "Sex in the City" episode, where even the conservative little brunette girl admitted she liked it. Evidently Jee Jean felt the same way, because her hands moved to the back of his head, and gripped his hair, pushing his face closer to her ass.

"Oh, JESUS! Josh, that's nice, oh god, that's OH!" She moaned loudly.

Josh kept up his assault on her tiny pucker, jabbing, darting, licking, until he felt her ass cheeks start to quiver in his hands. That's when he started to lick his way back up to her sweet pussy. he licked the length of her sex, the lips swollen with excitement, her little clitoris standing like a soldier at attention, almost throbbing with lust. Suddenly, he extended his tongue as far out as he could, and pushed it into her, attempting to fuck her with it. It felt like she was going to rip the hair right from the back of his head when he did this.

"FUCK! Oh fuck yes, Josh, fuck me with your tongue! OH GOD, I'm getting close!" Jee Jean reacted.

Josh felt her whole body begin to tense, building, the tightness inside her growing. He continued to push his tongue in and out of her sweet flower, until he felt she was on the edge. That's when he went for her clitoris, sucking it into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it.

"GOD YES, JOSH, RIGHT THERE, I'M SO CLOSE, KEEP SUCKING MY CLIT!" she howled, grinding her hips into his face.

When he gently scraped his teeth against the bottom side of her clit, Jee Jean went nuts, arching her back until her head touched the mirror behind her, shaking. A flood of sweet juices covered Josh's face, to the point that he could feel them in his nose. Her legs clamped down on his head, squeezing it, pushing his face and nose into her sweet sex so tightly, that he couldn't breathe.

"OOOOOOH GODD YESS, RIIIGGHT THEREEEAAAAHHHHHAHAHAHHHHH!" Jee Jean howled, loud enough that if you didn't know she was being murdered, at least it seemed that way, Josh couldn't tell for sure how loud it was, her thighs were clamped so tight to his ears. Her screams trailed off, and she pulled Josh's head away from her smooth sex, forcefully, He gasped for air as she released her grip on his hair, allowing him to stand.

He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to him. Their lips met in a long, passionate kiss, his shiny wet face smearing against her cheeks. They stayed like that for what must have been several minutes, totally lost in the passionate kiss. When they finally broke the kiss, she stared into his eyes.

"How did I never notice you as more than a friend before?" She said, lovingly.

"I have no idea, Jee Jean. I lusted after you for so long. I actually gave up a while ago." Josh said back to her, still holding her in his arms.

"I know, and I'm sorry, that wasn't right." She said, averting her gaze.

"No, no, stop that. You don't have to be sorry." Josh said, catching her eyes again.

"It was just that..." she said.
"Jee Jean, baby, It's really not a problem. I'm serious. We still have half of this weird day left, and I don't want you spending the whole time second guessing yourself and your feelings." Josh said, kissing her on the forehead.

"Yeah, ok. In that case, we need to switch places. I owe you a shave, and, well..." Jee Jean said, raising her eyebrows and licking her lips.

He stepped back and let her hop down off the counter, her legs still a little wobbly. She caught her balance and smiled. Jee Jean let the water out of the sink, and refilled the basin with steaming hot water, getting the wash rag ready.

"You ready? Hold still, this is gonna be a little warm." She said.

Jee Jean took the hot cloth and wrapped it around his cock and balls. It was hot, and he fought the urge to jump, but he quickly got used to it, it wasn't scalding. She looked up at his face as she stroked his erection through the cloth. Next came the shaving cream, which was pretty cold, compared to the cloth, although it was warmed quickly by the heat of Jee Jean's hand. She started with his very upper thighs, then the hair above his cock, then his balls, down to his anus, and finally, she wrapped her hand, full of lather around his cock, letting the foam lubricate, as she stroked him, masturbating him. He felt his balls tighten, because he could have shot at any point, she turned him on so much, this stunning brunette, on her knees in front of him.

"Oh no, you aren't gonna cum yet." Jee Jean said, a mischievous grin on her face. She released his cock from her hand, causing it to bob comically. As it settled, Jee Jean again removed the blade cartridge from the razor, replacing it with a fresh new one. The sensation of the razor removing the hair from around his cock was weird. Occasionally one of the hairs that had never been removed since puberty have been pulled, but Jee Jean really had a feel for when that was happening, and backed off, removing the hair from an ever so slightly different angle. She shaved his inner thighs, then above his cock, then down to the crack of his ass, deftly spreading his cheeks with one hand, and shaving around his tiny hole with the other. He involuntarily let out a hard breath when he felt her slick, soft hand take a hold of his balls, and remove the fine, wispy hairs from it. She finished up by very carefully running the razor down the length of his hard shaft, getting all the hairs at the base, and coaxing a moan from him. She rinsed the wash cloth again, and gently started to wash off the excess lather, which caused him to exhale hard again, and close his eyes for a moment, wallowing in the sensations of her washing his cock and balls.

Because his eyes were closed, he have no idea how she worked it, but somewhere between her gentle caress of his cock and balls with the wash cloth, she managed to switch from the washcloth to her mouth, but she did. He opened his eyes, and his cock was shaved clean, which was weird, but he didn't really have time to ruminate on the looks of his now hairless cock, because Jee Jean was gently sucking his balls into her mouth, one at a time.

"Mmmm, sweetie, that's wonderful." Josh said, looking down at her.

Jee Jean just raised one eyebrow at him, and took the shaft of his cock into her hand, stroking it gently, as she moved from his balls, to the base of his cock. She moved her hand upward on it as she placed soft little kisses along the length of the underside, all the way up to the glands, tickling it with her tongue. She took the head into her mouth, running her tongue under the little ridge under the head.

Josh was in heaven, this was by far, the most erotic, the most exciting, just the best blowjob he had ever received in his life. He almost lost it altogether when Jee Jean stuck the tip of her tongue into the hole in the head, but somehow, he held on. Thank god he did, because that's when she started to suck on his cock in earnest, slowly bobbing her head up and down on the length of his shaft, her eyes looking up at him the whole time. The even pressure of her suction, the motion of her tongue on the underside of his shaft, this girl really knew how to treat him right. That's when she unleashed her best trick, she pushed all the way down on his cock, until her nose was nestled against the smooth skin where his pubic hair used to be. He could feel the head of his cock nestle in the back of her throat, and between the ecstasy he was feeling, and the surprise, he almost didn't get his next few words out. His balls were rising, he had that tension in the pit of his stomach, and his head was swimming in sensations.

"Ohhh god, Jee Jean, I'm so close, I'm gonna cum any second now." Josh moaned to her.

I guess that's what she wanted, because her next action sent him over the edge. She took her right index finger, which she had been using to rub between her own legs, and pushed it into his asshole! he felt her digit gently prodding and tapping at his prostate, which sent him over the edge, shooting stream after stream of his hot cum into her mouth. Jee Jean valiantly tried to swallow it all, and He didn't think his load was THAT amazingly big, he just think that the jerking of his body caused some to leak from between her lips, leaving a bead of creamy white cum at the corner of her mouth. As his orgasm subsided, and his cock began to shrink, he let himself slide to the floor, next to her, putting his arms around her, holding her.

"Oh my god Baby! Has any one ever told you that you were amazing?" Josh said, looking into her eyes.

"Hey, now, I just wanted to make sure you got a blow job that was equal to the head you gave me!" she said.

"Well, then, I never knew I was that good at eating pussy." he said.

"Yeah, well, don't let it go to your head. God, we smell like fucking," Jee Jean said.

"Ew, we sure do, don't we. Wanna take a shower?" he asked.

"Yes, I do, lets get in!" she said, giggling and hopping up.

Jee Jean ran the water in the shower, getting the temperature to an acceptable level, while he turned the camcorder, so that it was looking into the shower. they both hopped in, and he washed his hair, and then Jee Jean's, while she started to soap up her body, and then his. He reached out with a handful of soap and rubbed Jee Jean's slit. In response, she grabbed him by the cock. They both started to stroke each other, staring into each other's eyes, as the water beat down on Them. His cock started to grow to life in her hand, quickly becoming hard like steel.

"I think you need to fuck me right now." She said, a gleam in her eye.

"I think you are right," he said, grabbing her by the hips.

Jee Jean placed her hands on his shoulders, pushing him down into the tub, until he was sitting, the water hitting his legs, and her back. . Before he was too pre occupied by this amazing woman on top of him, he managed to hit the lever that controls the drain, so now, as they fucked, the water from the shower began to fill the tub. Jee Jean put one leg on either side of Josh, slowly sliding his hard cock into her wet pussy. The angle of the back of the tub was perfect, he was just slightly reclined, so that when Jee Jean leaned forward, her medium breasts swung right into his face. He didn't turn down an opportunity, so he leaned forward and put one of those nipples in his mouth, sucking on it, and then the other. That's the problem when you have two huge, beautiful breasts in your face, deciding on which one to suck, lick and caress. Jee Jean was starting to get her rhythm down, bouncing up and down on his shaft, impaling herself on every down stroke, moaning loudly.

"Oh God, I love your cock, Josh, I really, really love your cock, baby!" She moaned, bouncing on him harder and harder.

"Uhhh, mmm, uhhhhhuh" Josh responded, incoherently.

Jee Jean's pace on his cock was relentless, she was going extremely fast now, and he started to recognize the signs of an orgasm coming from her.

"Bite it." She said, leaning over to speak into his ear, "bite my nipple, and then come with me, it's ok, I'm protected."

Neither request was going to be at all difficult, because he already had her nipple in her mouth, and the way she was riding him, he wasn't going to last much longer, anyhow. he bit down on her nipple, not hard enough to harm it, but enough that she let out a deafening shriek.


He felt her pussy begin to twitch from the inside, grasping at his cock like a fist, as she slammed down on him, and stayed there. This was all he could handle, and he felt his own orgasm take hold of him. His ass lifted them both off the floor of the tub, and he began to shoot another load, deep inside Jee Jean's body. His ass relaxed and Jee Jean collapsed on top of him. The tub was just about to overflow, so Josh kicked the lever and let it drain, and lay there, basking in the glory of an orgasm shared with a truly amazing woman.

The only worry he had was how Jane would react to the growing feelings between Jee Jean and him. That's when he heard the key in the lock of the front door. Jane was home.

To be continued…


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