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All Night Service Station

I was working the late shift at the service station one night on mile 138 of the route 79. It was the kind of service station with nothing else for miles and miles, the middle of nowhere, and I was bored off my ass. No one had even driven passed the station for hours. It was a warm summer night and I sat in the back of my pickup playing solitaire just trying to pass the time till morning.

I guess it was about 2 am, and I was considering catching some sleep in my truck when I heard a young women's voice. I looked down the road and I could just see the shape of her slender figure as she came into the creeping lights of the station. She was asking if we were open, she'd run out of gas about 2 miles back or so. She was about 5'3 with long blonde hair and a nice dark tan, and dark eyes. She was wearing tight cut offs and a halter top, the sight of which woke me right up.

She explained to me that she'd run out of gas, apparently the fuel gauge was broken because she thought she had more gas. The problem was that she only had a dollar which would barely buy her enough gas to go another 3 miles. I suggested that she use the phone to call her parents or someone who could come and pick here up, or buy the gas for her via a credit card on the phone. She insisted that she couldn't do that and kept pressing me and pleading with me to give her the gas. I explained to her that this station has trouble enough staying in business without giving gas away to people. Jokingly I said, "Maybe you'd liked to try and wager your dollar into something more with a nice game of poker", holding up my deck of cards, which had been in my hand all this time.

To my surprise she agreed, but asked me the rules of the game before we began to play. I explained all the different hands from best to worst and she seemed to take it all in. I changed her dollar, since it was all she had, and we started to play 5 cent hands. I tried hard to let her win some hands but she was down to her last 10 cents. When she lost that hand, I took a chance and suggested that she could continue if she wanted to use her clothes as money. She seemed to considerate it for a moment, and shook her head and began to remove her halter top. She was wearing a very skimpy hot pink bra underneath, as I stared at her she turned a deep shade of red, but I swear her nipples seem to stand out more and more the longer my eyes moved across her body.

The game had reached a new level and now I was playing to win. Next hand she lost her shorts and she slowly slid them off reveling a white thong underneath. The white stood out nicely in contrast to her dark tan. She seemed more comfortable now and seemed to be enjoying the "effect" her body was having on me.

The next hand she bet it all and I beat her with 3 of kind against her pair of Ace's. I sat back and let her strip down the rest of the way for me. Her body was perfect, her nipples were nice and dark from tanning, and she had no tan lines. I could barely breathe as I collected her clothes and put them in my truck. I'd made my mind up and I was going to make my proposal, but then she beat me too it.

With a devilish smile she said, "Well you've won almost everything I've got to offer, but what I've got left I'll give to you in exchange for my clothes and a full tank of gas. I'll be yours until the sun comes up, to with as you please. Do we have a deal?"

This was more than I'd had hoped for, I was going to make the same suggestion but in exchange for a blowjob. I was so happy she'd beaten me to the punch. I quickly agreed, taking her hand and moving into the station shutting the door and pulling the blinds behind me. That night I tried everything I'd every dreamed of doing to a women and she gladly let me, and when morning came I drove her out to her car and filled the tank and sent her on her way.

When I got back to the station I was getting ready to go home and I grabbed my shirt which had been hanging over a chair and a note and some money fell out. The note said thanks for the memorable night, here's the money for the gas - Janet


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