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Jane's Revenge 2

Previously , Jane (5 ft 7 29A) , Jee Jean (5ft 5 32B) and Josh (5 ft 11) got together for a little game of poker, which Jane proceeded to lose at horribly. Of course this led to strip poker, in which Jane showed how she had been playing possum. Now as we rejoin the story, Jane has stripped Jee Jean naked, with Josh wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs. Jane has proposed one hand, double or nothing, so to speak. It's Jane vs. Jee Jean and Josh, whoever wins gets the as their slave. Jee Jean has also informed Josh that if they win, she is going to "need to use" his cock for a while.

In hindsight, Josh should have never expected to win, I mean, Jane had stripped Jee Jean and him at her leisure. How was he supposed to think things would suddenly change? Maybe it was just that leap of faith that gamblers make, or maybe he was too fixated on what happened when they won, maybe he didn't think losing would be that bad. Whatever it was, it was misguided.

Jane pulled a pair of kings, They had a pair of Jacks, and they lost.

"I'll take those shorts!" Jane said, her grin extending from ear to ear.

Josh stood up, took a deep breath, hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his boxers and started to pull them down.

"Hold it!" Jane said, "I think I want to collect my winnings myself! Raise your arms above your head."

He stopped, and looked her for a second. "What?"

"Listen, I own you for the rest of the weekend, and that means I get to do what I want. Right now, I want to take those underpants off you myself. So get your hands up on top of your head, and
stand still!" Jane said with an evil smile

He complied, still unsure of what he had got himself into. Jane stepped up behind him, sliding his shorts down a little, his cock springing free. She gently took a hold of it, stroking it, grinning.

"Mmm, look at the cock I won! Jee Jean, come here, I want you to look at this cock." Jane said, in a tone more commanding that any of them had ever heard from her.

Josh was blushing, Jane was treating him like a slab of beef, and he liked it. As Jee Jean kneeled down in front of him, he looked down at her. She looked amazing, just as he had fantasized she would look.

Jane told Jee Jean to go ahead and take Josh's boxers the rest of the way off. Jane took her hand off his cock, and slapped his ass, hard, startling him, and bringing him back to earth.
Jane told Jee Jean to stand up beside Josh, their legs spread, for inspection.

"I need to check out you two, looks like I've won myself some prime meat." Jane said, walking around them.
She reached a finger out, and ran it up and down Jee Jean's slit, causing her to moan.

"Hmm, I like how wet you are, but this cunt is a bit stubbly. You need a shave don't you?" said Jane.

"Yes Jane, I haven't shaved in a couple days." Jee Jean replied, glaring at Jane.

Jane grabbed Jee Jean's erect little clit between her thumb and forefinger, pinching it tightly.

"AHHHHH, OWW!! JANE! LET GO" Jee Jean howled.

"I will, but you have to learn two things. First, don't EVER eyeball me like that again, second, for the rest of the day, I own you, and you will call me either Ma'am, or Mistress,
understood?" Jane said, still viciously pinching Jee Jean's love button.

"Yes Ma'am, I understand! Please let go Ma'am!" Jee Jean exclaimed, her face reddening with the pain.

Jane released Jee Jean's poor clit, and took her in her arms, hugging her. "Good girl, now you lay down on the floor and spread your legs, let that sore little clitty of yours get some air. You have
such a pretty pussy, lets get it out for me to see."

Jane eased Jee Jean down onto the ground, and helped her position her legs wide, a tear in her eye, as she assumed a lewd position, her sex displayed, a faint sheen of moisture on it.

Jane turned her attention to Josh. "I don't have to do anything like that to get my point across to
you, do I?" Amy said to him, sternly.

"No Mistress." Josh heard himself say. It was so bizarre, it almost sounded like someone else he thought.

"Good boy. Now, I want you to get down there and take a look at what I just did to her little clit." Jane ordered

Silently, he lowered himself to the ground, on his stomach, his stiffness pressed between his belly and the rough carpet. As his face came closer to Jee Jean's beautiful pussy, He could smell her

"Good boy. See how red it is, not damaged, but I bet it still smarts. I think that pussy needs someone to kiss it and make it better. Boy, why don't you take care of that for me." Jane cooed.

"Yes Mistress." He once again said, leaning down and placing a soft kiss right on Jee Jean's hard little clit. Jee Jean moaned inhaled a sharp breath of air. He extended his tongue, and dipped into her slit, tasting her nectar.

"Keep going boy, I want her to come on your face." Amy commanded.

"As you wish Mistress" he said, unable to keep the smile on his face under control.

He lowered hi face back down to Jee Jean's sex. He could tell that she indeed had not shaved in a few days, although it would have taken a whole lot more than some stubble to keep him from enjoying this.

He felt the tension in her stomach start to build, edging closer and closer to release with every lick, kiss and nibble.

"Oh shit, yes, right there boy, yes, yes, keep it up right there, ohhhhhhh!" Jee Jean yelled.

Josh increased his assault on Jee Jean's clit, feeling her legs clamp down on his head, her hands grasping his hair painfully hard. Finally Jee Jean's orgasm hit her as she orgasms she is very verbal, yelling and moaning loudly as she came and Josh's face was flooded by a wash of juices. He stopped for a moment, allowing the spasms to subside, before gently lapping up the juices.

"Ok, ok, ok, stop please!" Jee Jean pleaded

"It's ok, Boy, why don't you let her breathe for a moment, embrace her for a while." Jane said as she saw Jee Jean's powerful orgasm.

As Jee Jean's senses returned to her. She was grinning with a post orgasmic bliss, and Josh started to become painfully aware of how hard his cock was, pressing up against Jee Jean's leg.

"That was a very good start, my pets. girl, what did you think, did our boy do well?" Jane cooed.

"Oh yes, Ma'am, he did very well" Jee Jean said with a smile "And judging by the hard cock against my leg, he enjoyed it himself."

"Oh really, and what do you think you should do with that, girl?" Jane asked, mischievously.

"Personally, I think I should roll him on his back and fuck the living shit out of him, because I can feel it drooling on my leg, and it's driving me crazy." Jee Jean said.

Josh blushed, which at the time seemed odd, because here he was naked, holding Jee Jean with his arms and with his cock leaking pre-cum on her leg, and his face was still shiny with her juice.

Then Josh felt Jane's hand reach over and grasp his cock, stroking it against Jee Jean's thigh, all He wanted to do was push his way up and fuck Jee Jean.

"I think that's a wonderful idea, but this is his first cum of the day, and after that, I seriously doubt that this cock will hold out if your gonna ride for the rest of the day. Maybe you better return the oral favor that he gave you." ordered Jane.

"Well, I guess that would be good too, Ma'am" Jee Jean said with a giggle.

"Oh please, I have spent too many nights with you. I know damn well how much you like a cock in your mouth!" said Jane.

Jee Jean gasped in mock insult, laughed and kissed Josh's neck. She pushed him onto his back, and slowly began kissing her way down his body, his cock twitching at every touch of her soft lips to his skin. Josh sighed loudly as he felt her kiss the tip of his cock, licking the pre-cum up. He felt her lips slide over the head and her wet mouth envelop him. The blowjob he was receiving was by far, the best he have ever had. Her technique was impeccable, she knew every trick, swirling her tongue along the base, tickling the glands under the head on the upstroke, the way she just barely covered her teeth with her lips, so that it still gave pressure, but never felt like it was going to scratch him.
Not to mention the little happy gulping noises she made, obviously she loved giving him the blowjob almost as much as he was enjoying getting it. He got so lost in Jee Jean's mouth. His balls start to rise, and his stomach start to tighten, he was getting close. He shut his eyes again, and threw his head back. Josh yelped, and erupted. As his cock started to pulse, Jee Jean clamped her lips down as far as she could on his shaft, letting the seed collect in her mouth. As Josh's orgasm subsided, he felt her let go of his softening cock, and immediately moved up to
his face, pressing her lips to his, He opened his mouth to accept the kiss, and felt his whole load of cum slide from in her mouth to his. He tried to pull away, but Jane had her hands on the backs
of both their heads, holding them together. He had no choice, he swallowed his own cum, and he liked it.

Once he had swallowed, Jane let their heads pull apart, and she moved her own face in between them, kissing Josh, and then Jee Jean.

"Now, we have so many things to do tomorrow, I'm going to go wash up in the bathroom, You two wash each other in the kitchen sink. After that meet me in the bedroom."

Jee Jean and Josh had a lot of fun with the washrag and the kitchen sink, laughing and giggling. Before long, He was hard again, and Jane was leading them to the bedroom. Where they fell asleep in a pile, Jane sandwiched between them, Josh's cock against Jane's ass cheek, Jane using Jee Jean's ample bosom as a pillow.

To be continued…


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