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Poker Lesson

Jane (5 ft 7 29A) your typical shy but pretty girl , Jee Jean (5ft 5 32B) a lesbian and old friend of Josh , Josh (5 ft 11) a typical guy who like to strip girls through poker and the three lived in one house and here is their story.

It was Friday night and Jane agreed to play strip poker with Josh. Suddenly thunder quietly sent shivers down Jane's back as she lost once again to Josh. She is now down to her undies.

"I win," Josh said finally after starring at his cards. He looked a little bleary eyed, even though it was only midnight. " Full House, What will it be your bra or your panty its your choice sweety." Josh said with a smile

""What? How? You have beat me 5 straight" Jane cried. " I would not take anything off you cheat" Jane said.

"Suit yourself but I'll be taking these goodies as trophy." Josh said as he took the pile of clothes to his room.

Poker was definitely not her game. Loosing almost all her clothes proved that.

It was about 2am, and Jane was still awake practicing poker all by herself when her roommate Jee Jean returns from her work.

"What's the sad face? Have Josh dump you for another girl again?." asked Jee Jean.

Jane flushed, and nodded. "No. What I really need is lesson in poker."

Jee Jean let out a clear, bell toned laugh. " I may show you a few tricks, but I don't have any money right now."

"That's not a problem lets play for our clothes" Jane courageously answered.

"Fine with me as long as your willing to go all the way." Jee Jean said with a grin." So you
want to learn how to play poker?" She gently took the deck out of Jane's hands.

"No, I want to learn how to beat Josh at poker." Jane answered back.

"What?" Jee Jean asked.

After an hour of learning strategy, Jee Jean started teaching Jane how to bluff. A half hour of that, and she was ready. "Okay let's start the game."

It wasn't long before Jane was down to her shirt and panties. Things just weren't going her way. As she was dealt her hand she let her mind go blank. She looked into the cards, saw their core. Then she realized what she was doing wrong. She had only seen the cards as cards, not part of the deck. She then awoke the gambler inside her.

Game after game she won, slowly stripping Jee Jean of her clothing. Now Jee Jean has lost her bra. She blushed slightly as she let Jane view her now uncovered medium sized, perky, breasts.

Jane could only stare, and envy, Jee Jean. Her own breasts were no where near as large, and Jee Jean had what looked to be B-cups. Not large at all, but still, she had something. The next hand Jane, literally, lost her shirt. She cursed under her breath after the decision not to wear a bra. Her mortification began. As Jee Jean wore a slight smiles her face and looking at her as one would look through fire. Her eyes wide, yet penetrating. Jane felt flush as Jee Jean eyes probed her smooth white flesh. She took a shuttering breath, not deep enough to draw any more attention, and played on. It was the final call. Jane had the same thing Jee Jean is wearing their panties. So they each placed their hands on the table, Jane with 2 jacks and 2 wilds, and Jee Jean... with the same hand, down to the extra card. They looked up from each others hands, and stared into each others eyes; Jane in shock, Jee Jean with mirth.

Jane was snapped back into reality as Jee Jean said to her "You better not go back on your bets." Jane glanced up at Jee Jean who had turned her back and bent over, slowly bringing the silk cloth over her firm ass, all the while giving her a full view.

The flush feeling Jane had before intensified, making her virgin slit moisten. Not sure what compelled her, she stood, and did likewise. As she turned back around, Jee Jean had stood quietly, and breathing deeply looked at Jane. In an instant she knew what Jee Jean is asking. She nodded in assent as well, moving nervously towards Jee Jean. She noticed how small drops of fluid clung to Jee Jean's pubic hair, which was neatly trimmed into a stripe. Feeling her own slit moisten all the more, she was carefully touched by Jee Jean, who slowly stroked Her breasts, turning her nipples into tiny hard nubs. As Jee Jean carefully lowered Jane onto the table, she did not relent her caressing of Jane's uplifted breasts. Jee Jean climbed onto the surprisingly strong table, to get a more comfortable angle to her breasts. As Jane gasped at each flick of Jee Jean's tongue, Jee Jean let out a little chuckle.

After only a few seconds, Jee Jean had gotten on her knees between Jane's writhing legs, and gently kissed Jane's wet pussy. Jane let out an audible moan at this new attention. One of Jee Jean's hands slipped down to her own slit as she watched, and listened, to Jane's moan. Jee Jean slowly pushed two fingers inside Jane's tight, yet wet, hole. Slowly pushing in, her fingers slowly moving inside her, then pushing apart inside her pussy. Jane could only sit there in ecstasy as Jee Jean brought her to heaven.

Now it is Jane's turned to pleasure Jee Jean. Slowly and carefully, Jane began to lick Jee Jean, first on her outer lips, then deeper, into the hole itself. She soon found Jee Jean's erect clit and made her shiver as she started to move her tongue in circles around it, teasing it, then wrapping her lips around it and starting the process over again. Her own moistness grew and soon she had to stop with the slow teasing of Jee Jean as she found her clit as well with her fingers. Jane arched her back and moaned, vibrating Jee Jean slit, which sent her into a fit of pleasure.

As both of the reached climax they both collapsed in combined happiness, feeling waves of
warmth and contentment flooding there exhausted bodies.


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