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Mile-high club

I was wearing my best business suit as I was boarding the plane heading for South America. My company had just recently promoted me and this was my first company-paid first-class overseas flight to do some negotiations in Venezuela. As I boarded the plane, I noticed the plush interior and the seperate cabins for each first-class passenger. I found my cabin and took my seat quickly.

After a few minutes of watching tv on my personal screen, the door popped open and a young latin stewardess came in offering me a pre-flight drink. Wow, she was awesome. Typical long black hair that latin lovelies have pulled back in a scrunchie and a beautiful spanish accent, but neither one of those caught my eye as much as her large full breasts and tight ass. I asked her to check my seatbelt because I had never been in a plane before and wasn't sure it was right. Without blinking an eye, she bent over in front of me flashing her firm cleavage as she straightened out my seatbelt. "Will there be anything else before we take off," she asked. I could barely make out a "no thank you" and she turned to leave.

As the plane began to take off, I tried to think about the tv show I was watching or anything else but I couldn't get my mind off that lovely woman. The more I thought about her smooth face, beautiful smile, and those knock-me-dead gorgeous breasts, the more I couldn't stop thinking about her.

Once we got in the air and settled in, she came back in. The moment I saw her, my heart jumped. "Would you like another drink sir?". "please," I responded, "by the way, what's your name?" "My name is Cristina and I am your personal stewardess today," she said and winked her eye at me. "Take this menu and I'll be back in a few minutes to take your order for dinner."

As she left, I watched her ass slide out the door. Then I remembered dinner, so I looked at the menu. There was the normal foods, chicken, steak, fish, etc. and at the bottom I saw a little note written on the menu and signed by Cristina. It said "in-flight games are available too by special order." When Cristina came back I told her I wanted chicken and then I asked her casually about the "in-flight games". She responded "we have cards available on this flight." "But that requires two people normally, doesn't it?" I said. "I told you before sir, I am your personal stewardess. I am here to serve you." then she winked at me again. As I put everything together in my mind I decided that I would ask her to play a game with me. "How about a game of poker?" I asked her. "Great, I have $400, is that enough?"

She sat down in a chair across from me and we started playing. She was really good and took a long time to win her $400, but when she ran out, she said, "I'm out of money, now what?" and I told her I would buy that lovely scrunchie in her hair for $30 and she agreed. I won my $30 back quickly and then I bought her earrings. Little by little I won her shoes, then her stockings, and finally her dress. She only sold "half" of it at first but then I quickly won the other half too. When she was down to her lingerie, I could see in her eyes that she did not mind what so ever that she was losing and I was getting very turned on by looking at those scrumptious breasts. She kept playing and then lost her top. She stood up to take it off and her breasts fell out. They were twice as big as I imagined them to be and had extremely perky dark-brown nipples that danced in front of me. We continued and I kept looking at those beauties and then I lost and she covered them up again. I couldn't believe it. I was determined to see her entire body so I kept going, now more consentrated then ever.

A few hands later I knew I had her, 4 aces, so I started off beating low so she would keep up and not fold. we went higher and higher and when I finally called her, she had 4 kings. no wonder she was so confident, but I still won. She took off all of her clothes and sat in front of me with her legs together off to the side. I could see her nipples getting very erect and she seemed to be squirming a lot in her seat. The aroma of her womanhood began to fill the cabin and I became very excited. We kept playing and when I won the last time, she opened her legs to expose a fully shaved interior and began to fondle herself in front of me. She said "You've won and I'm yours." With that I threw the cards aside and quickly placed my face between her legs. Her aroma overwhelmed me and the next 5 hours down to Venezuela was full of the tastiest venezuelan dish I had ever imagined.

The end.


Copyright Notice: All stories are copyright ©Rebel Poker.
If you wish you may link to these stories. You may NOT copy, edit or reproduce in full or part.