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High Dungeon (script)

It was a dark and stormy knight. He was tired after killing the Dragon, but looked forward to

the hospitality of the castle. When he clattered over the drawbridge, he found the place

deserted. He searched all over, and finally climbed to the highest tower, where he found

manacled to the wall the fairest maiden he had ever beheld. Her maidservant, also fair and

dressed in simple peasant costume tells him that he would have to play strip poker to release her

from spell that bound her into her manacles. If he lost, he would have to fight the Dragon all

over again.

Photo 1: Medieval maiden in costume (including pointed hat with gauzy scarf), manacled to the

stone wall of the tower.

Photo 2: The maidservant removes the silly hat and cascade her lady's long curly hair around

her shoulders. Lady says "Thank you my liege, at least I have no excuse for a headache

tonight". She then re-attaches herself to the wall.

Photo 3: This time the maid removes her bodice revealing a silk shift through which the swell

of her bosom can be clearly seen. She says "Thank you my liege, this maiden will be very

grateful to be released."

Photo 4: The maid takes off her lady's heavy brocaded dress revealing a long filmy shift,

through which her legs can be clearly discerned. It is more difficult to ascertain what is under

the shift at her hips because the material is more gathered there. "Getting closer my liege"

Photo 5: The shift now goes revealing a metal (preferably gold) chastity belt. "I can't wait

for you to get the key" she says.

Photo 6: When the maid removes the silken top she reveals nipple clamps with a chain between

them. The lady says "I can't wait for you to release me from these, they hurt."

Loss 6: If you lose at this stage, the maid takes the lady down from the wall, spreads her

over a barrel, and spanks her on the bottom with the flat of the sword. The lady says, can't you

do better than this, I'm not enjoying this, She is left in this position while the play

continues. If you lose again the match is lost and the game returns to the beginning. She is

left in this position until you win through to level 7.

Photo 7: The nipple clamps are removed. She smiles and says, "that feels much better, thank

you my lord."

Loss 7: If you lose, she is turned upside down on a frame and spanked with a small cat o'

nine tails and left there until you win through to level 8. She says, "close your eyes, the

age of chivalry is not supposed to be dead. Get on and win. If you lose again, the game


Photo 8: The Gold Chastity Belt is removed and she stands there tied up to the wall.
She says "One more win and I'm yours, however, if you lose, I shall be taken away and


Loss 8: She is removed from the room and taken through a door, a blood-curdling scream is

heard. If you win at this point, she is brought back and remanacled to the wall.

Photo 9: She walks towards the camera with a smile and says, you've won me my Lord. You must

now play for my maid, so you can have us both.

Photo 10: The lady, still naked, ties the maid to the wall

Photo 11: The lady removes the maid's dress revealing just knickers.

Loss 11: The lady bends the maid over the barrel and spanks her with the flat side of the


Photo 12: Lady removes maid's knickers

Loss 12: Maid is put in frame and spanked with the cat9

Photo 13: Maid is released and they both jump on the bed, turn towards the knight and beckon

him towards them.

Script ends:


Copyright Notice: All stories are copyright ©Rebel Poker.
If you wish you may link to these stories. You may NOT copy, edit or reproduce in full or part.