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strip poker stories

roaming street cleaner

I was on my way to work one morning,and having one of those days where nothing ever goes right,I preceded to get in to my car where I hit my head on the doorsill and then tried to start the car,it would not turnover. I got out of the car and tried to catch the downtown a train and missed it by three minutes, so I decided to go down a dark alley as a shortcut to go to work. In the alley I was mugged luckily I didn't have my cash in my pockets being the paranoid freak that I back to the story I met a very beautiful lady at the end of the last block on my way to work,she asked me if I had time to play a game of strip poker and I asked rather stupidly if we where going to play here on the street,she answered rather pointedly that no we where not going to play on the street, we where going to to go to her apartment to play.

So we trudged two blocks back the way I had come and went into a very seedy apartment complex and she told me the stakes of the game when we arrived at her hovel of an apartment,from the outside it looked like a hovel but when we got inside the place was well cleaned and well repaired,there was a shiny silver table with a pink vase and a red rose in it sitting on the table,the walls where white and had murals of the kama-sutra painted on them there was a bed made in the middle of the room with lace sheets and pillow cases and by the bed was two night stands overflowing with sex toys,and all manner of lotions and lubes that you can think of.

My patron for this game had cherry blond hair,an ovalish style face,thin eyebrows,pale grey almond shaped eyes,a small but cute nose,lips any man would like to see around his knob,and a smooth looking chin. I asked her name but she declined to answer, so I took the time to look the rest of my host over, she had petite shoulders that tapered in to her ample size 32 c-cup breast witch mind you I wouldn't mind getting my hands around, but I digress she also had a very sensually thin waist that tapered into long and lithe legs,when she turned around and bent over I saw the she had a round scrumptious ass,the kind you see in penthouse or playboy. I told myself to stop staring or I'd get caught she saw me staring and said "you can stare if you want, I don't think I'm all that pretty myself", I said "your the prettiest little darling I've ever seen", she said "then I won't argue the point but let me explain the rules of this strip poker game", the rule:

  1. If you lose a hand the lady chooses what pieced of clothing you take off
  2. If you win a hand you choose what the lady takes off
  3. When you or the lady are nude the game continues till both of you are nude
  4. If for some reason both male and female are not nude at the same time the person that is nude and loses has to do something sexual to the dressed person.

Finally I got to play the first hand she lost I had a full house she had a pair of kings,I asked her to remove her high-heeled shoes. The next hand I lost and she asked me to remove my suit jacket witch I did.needless to say I won't bore you with the hand to hand details she ended up nude before I did and I figured if I could keep winning I could keep dealing,then she would have to do whatever I told her to do.


Copyright Notice: All stories are copyright ©Rebel Poker.
If you wish you may link to these stories. You may NOT copy, edit or reproduce in full or part.