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My Bitch

Every year I attend the Insurance Salesman Conference, each year it is in a different city. This particular year it was being held in Melbourne at the Highett Grand Hotel. My story starts here.

The concierge deposited my suitcase beside the bed in my hotel room. It wasn't a special room just one suitable for a three day stay for a single guy. Conferences can be incredibly boring things, but it is a change of routine so I look forward to them. It's also a chance to get out from under my wife's watchful eye. She never seems to be happy about me going away overnight, and probably for good reason. The first place I usually hit is the bars.

I showered and shaved and rummaged around in my bag till I found the after shave, splashing it liberally on my face I braced myself to go out.

It's not that I am a shy person, a salesman can't afford to be. But I always feel trepidation at going out perhaps its guilt niggling at me, I don't ever intend to cheat, but its always in the back of my mind, and as the saying goes you never know your luck in a big city.

Most nights all I get is the "I'm not interested" look, I always feel a little disappointed, but thankful too that I don't have to go home and lie. But I still do it and content myself with simply looking at pretty girls. In the most part half my age.

I headed downstairs to the bar. It was quite crowded, and the music was a tad too loud, I wouldn't have thought so 20 years ago. I jostled up to the bar and ordered a beer, and then looked for a place to sit.

All the tables were full except one. There were two girls sitting quietly at it, one seemed to be looking over my shoulder the other was staring at her friend, it seemed a little odd to me but I ventured forth anyway. As I approached the first girl looked down at her drink. The second continued her stare. Getting within what I hoped was earshot I exclaimed "May I?" and motioned toward the spare seat.
The first lady looked up at me and for a moment I felt shock. Her eyes threw daggers of the sharpest steel straight at my chest, and I would have staggered back if I wasn't held so firmly by her look. And then all of a sudden the eyes softened and the blades piercing my chest seemed to melt away and flutter towards the floor. I imagine that if I could have looked down they would have turned to rose petals at my feet. And she said "whatever"!

Not sure how to respond, I sat down. A little heavily perhaps and bumped the table. The first lady had resumed looking at her drink which now more resembled a mini tidal wave as the liquid sloshed back and forward. But she said no more and her friend continued her stare.

I don't know their names, so I will call the first girl Dee because she seemed to be dominant, and the one who maintained her stare I will call Sarah, because she was submissive.

I introduced myself, but was totally ignored. Embarrassed I turned away and pretended to observe the rest of the room. Strangely it seemed to be a lot emptier than when I came in. and I could see plenty of places to sit, I hadn't noticed any one leaving and yet there wasn't as many people there. It was then out of the corner of my eye I caught Sarah looking at me, I turned towards her and she was smiling very sweetly. As soon as my gaze fell upon her though the smile disappeared and she quickly returned to staring at her friend. It was as if she had never moved. Strange I thought to myself. And my level of discomfort was starting to peak at almost a panic. I wanted to get up and move away from this odd couple. But I couldn't so I just sat and looked at my drink as well.

Dee said "are you staying here" startled I looked up to see she was looking straight at me, the eyes were soft and even kind. Unable to do little else I nodded. She said "do you play poker" again I simply nodded. Actually I was quite good at poker, probably years of selling life insurance allowed me to control my facial expressions and therefore my 'poker face' was almost perfect. But right then I couldn't imagine how my face looked.

Dee said, "Good, lets go then" and stood up. Dutifully Sarah followed and I felt compelled to go as well, leaving my untouched beer. She never asked if they could come to my room. It was simply accepted that that was where we were going. Dee waited for me to take the lead, which I did and lead them to the elevators Sarah meekly followed behind. Out from under Dee's gaze I started to recover myself. And the first thought was is this it? Am I going to cheat tonight? And I started to tremble a little. Probably both in fear of doing wrong and the excitement of the moment. It was then that I felt the thumping in my ears. My blood pressure had skyrocketed I could feel my heart pounding.

We stepped into the elevator and nothing was said. As I pressed the button for my floor I thought they would be able to hear the pounding of my heart in the quiet confines of this small moving room. I was relieved when the door opened to my floor and we walked to my room. Upon entering the room Dee and Sarah went straight over to the bed and sat on opposite sides of the bed. I plucked up the courage to ask if they wished for a drink. To my surprise Sarah looked at me and gave me that sweet smile and said, "yes scotch please" Dee said she would have the same. Again it was my turn to panic. Did the room have scotch in its mini bar? Relieved I saw that it did, in fact that's all it had. But there were no mixers. "On the rocks"? I asked and they both chorused "thankyou". Relieved I poured us all a drink and took Dee and Sarah's glasses to them. Dee's I placed on the bedside table as she was shuffling a deck of cards. I assumed she had retrieved from her coat pocket, this she had draped over a chair and I was able to see her form for the first time.

Dee was very attractive. A brunette, she had blond streaks through her hair. She was short but not petite, and was shaped almost perfectly. Her hips were not to large but neither too small and her breasts were nicely framed in her tight top, they too were not too small but not large enough to make her disproportionate. She wore a very mini, mini skirt, and her legs were smooth and bare with no stockings.

Sarah accepted her drink from my hand and again smiled at me. And I felt the warmth of her hand as we exchanged the drink. She was blonde and her breasts were large, with a shapely but not large figure. She too was wearing a mini skirt but not as short as Dee's, like Dee she was not wearing any stockings. Unusual I thought.

I returned to my drink and noticed my heart had calmed down. I felt a slight arousing in my groin, and hoped I wouldn't embarrass myself. So quickly grabbed a chair and sat down facing the bed.


Dee had finished shuffling the deck and proceeded to deal out two hands. I looked quizzical and Sarah quickly said "Oh No I never touch the cards". Strange wording I thought but nevertheless accepted her answer. After taking a sip of her drink she then resumed her staring at Dee. She seemed transfixed by this girl.

Dee threw five dollars onto the bed and said "Ante up" I quickly fished out my wallet and threw five dollars in and thought to myself I better go easy on her. I picked up my hand and found I had three two's and a nine and an ace of hearts. Not bad for the first hand I thought and elected to go with the ace. Dee bet another five and I saw her five and raised her another five. She saw my five and called. I asked for one card and Dee drew three for herself. I got an eight of spades and thought no worries three twos should see me through. We bet a couple more times and Dee finally called. My threes beat her two pair and I collected my winnings. This was going to be fun I thought.

I never won another hand. And before long I found my wallet was empty. This couldn't be happening, I played against the best and usually made a darned good showing of myself. But here I was beaten by a twenty year old (I guessed) girl.

"OK that's it, I'm out. I am broke" I declared. Dee just smiled and said "don't worry you can sell me your shirt for $50". I wondered if I would ever win, but wasn't going to miss the opportunity of perhaps getting the clothes off Dee. So I said OK. Dee said. "For my part I'll sell you the clothes off 'my bitch'". Shocked I turned to Sarah who looked away. Strange I had never noticed it before but she was wearing one of those stud collars under her shirt. Dee fetched some velvet ties from her coat and proceeded to tie her to the bed. Sarah simply lay down and spread-eagled herself on the bed. I just watched stunned. This was getting better than I could have ever hoped or even imagined. Again my heart was pounding. When Dee finished she said "your shirt please" so I quickly removed it and handed it over. In exchange she returned some of my money.

My luck did not improve. And I lost hand after hand. Each time that I ran out of money Dee offered to buy another piece of my wardrobe. Till finally I was down to my underpants. Thinking, well this is it, you have lost all your money and now your dignity. In the next hand I will lose the last of my clothes and have nothing to show for it.

Dee dealt out the next hand and I drew a fullhouse on the first deal, I won. Instead of offering me my clothes back. Dee turned to Sarah and started to unbutton her top. Sarah turned away from her, but did not struggle. Dee threw the top at me. The game continued. I won again, and again each Time Dee took a little more of Sarah's clothing away from her. She was now just down to her bra and panties and that stud collar.

I dealt the cards again, and could feel my cock straining against the inside of my underpants. I was fully aroused at the site of Sarah lying there, tied so she could not cover herself. And the sight of Dee stripping her off was very exciting. Again I won. And this Time Dee reached over to Sarah and unclipped the bra, which was clasped at the front. It was the strapless kind, and Dee released her breasts and slid the bra out from under her. Sarah's young skin was smooth and flawless her breasts were firm and nipples stood erect. My eyes wandered down to her white panties she was facing me with her legs spread-eagled by the velvet ties. And I could see the telltale darkening of her panties where she was becoming moist. Although she was still looking away she was enjoying this.

Again the cards were dealt and again I won. I had never had a winning streak like this (A pleasant change from my previous worst ever losing streak). Dee returned to Sarah and started to pull down her panties, she revealed Sarah's smoothly shaven pussy. Somehow she removed the panties without untying her. And I realised that at no time had she untied Sarah but still managed to remove all her clothing. Strange I should think of this now as Sarah had been revealed to me in all her beauty.
Lying spread-eagled before me she tried to close her legs but could not. Her pussy lips stood proud and her squirming only seemed to make them stand out further.

I had won the game! But Dee said "your deal". What was this I thought to myself. Sarah was naked except for the collar. But the game was to continue. Fearing a change of heart I did not pause but quickly dealt the cards. And wondered what would happen next.

Again I won and Dee turned to Sarah. I could feel me cock stiffen yet again as Sarah turned and looked straight up. Dee leant over her and brushed her lips over Sarah's lips. Sarah responded by craning upwards and kissed Dee firmly, Dee pulled back and I saw her tongue dart out of her mouth and traced a circle around Sarah's lips. Sarah started to moan but was quickly quieted by Dee as she closed her lips around Sarah's. Fascinated I watched as Sarah continued to strain upward to meet Dee's lips. Sarah's hips were also straining now. She was tilting her pelvis upwards and her pussy lips had spread ever so slightly so I could see the pink inside.

Dee sat down and. I dealt the cards again, we had long since stopped rotating the deal. I drew a shocking hand. And thought my winning streak was over. To my amazement Dee folded, I soon stopped thinking about that as Dee stood up. She reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties. And then climbed on to the bed.

Dee moved over Sarah and knelt down so that Sarah was between her legs, Dee had her back to me, and she pulled her skirt over her hips revealing a firm and well-rounded arse. Dee knelt up so the she moved over Sarah's face. Sarah tilted her head back slightly, which put her in the perfect position. And then I saw her tongue dart out and flick Dee's vagina. Dee visibly tensed up and lowered herself toward Sarah who was now licking all around Dee's cunt. Every now and then Sarah would push her tongue into Dee's cunt and Dee would quiver. Dee moved forward again and arched her back. This time presenting her anus to Sarah. Sarah's tongue danced around her anus and then tickled the opening. She then slowly traced a path back to Dee's Cunt and again slipped inside. I could See Dee was getting very excited and she was now visibly quivering. Again she moved forward and again Sarah, teased her anus and slid back to her cunt. I could see that Dee's Vagina had visibly swollen and her pussy lips were extended and well apart.

Looking down at Sarah's vagina it too was swollen. And I she was rhythmically grinding the air. The moisture on her lips was visible and it was all I could do to stop myself from taking position and pushing my own tongue into her delightful interior. It was then I felt the stickiness between my legs. And looked down to see I had leaked precum through my underpants. Putting my hand into my pants I gently started to stroke myself. I didn't want to cum. But I couldn't help it either. A gasp drew my attention back to the girls. Sarah was now rapidly flicking her tongue in and out, with each outward push she stroked Dee's clitoris. Dee finally came in a series of short gasps. And Sarah's grinding of the air stopped. Yet she was still quite swollen. Dee turned around and faced me kneeling over Sarah who continued to gently stroke Dee's cunt with her tongue. Dee had pushed her top up over her tits, I imagine she had been rubbing them but I had been too involved in the oral games to notice. Dee hoarsely demanded I deal again.

Embarrassed I removed my hand from my pants and again dealt the cards. This time I didn't get a chance to look at them Dee knelt forward which put her into a 69 position picked up the cards and threw them down saying "I fold". At that moment she gasped and I can only imagine that Sarah had again rimmed her pretty anus, as she was to far forward for it to have been her vagina.

Dee arched her back and knelt down low. Rubbing her erect nipples on Sarah's flat stomach. She then moved down so that her lips were within an inch of Sarah's naked and swollen Vulva. Dee gently blew Sarah's vagina, which caused Sarah to push her hips even higher. Her pelvis was now so rotated towards Dee that I could see her anus and her pussy lips were swollen and fully open. Inviting Dee into her hidden depths. Again my found my hand stroking myself as I watched these bewitching woman strive to pleasure each other in the most intimate ways imaginable. I almost felt dirty sitting there watching them. They seemed oblivious to my presence in the room. And their passion was palpable in the air around me.

While I watched I felt a sadness that I could never arouse my wife in the way these two women were arousing each other. I was clumsy and stupid when it came to the ways of woman. It occurred to me that the rise in lesbian relationships was probably more the fault of belligerent men than any other reason. The world had said its OK to be gay. And millions of relieved women around the world are finding the joy that even the best-intentioned male has difficulty providing.

My internal grief at my own inability's was quickly forgotten, as I heard a smack and again focused on the woman. Dee was alternately rubbing and then gently smacking Sarah's vagina, And Sarah who had long since stopped pleasuring Dee was groaning in pleasure. Dee then lent forward and I could see her purse her lips around Sarah's clitoris, which seemed abnormally large. She pulled on it with her lips and then drew back and gave one final slap. This seemed to be the trigger for Sarah, she immediately began to orgasm and unlike Dee's quite gasping orgasm, Sarah's was loud and violent. Her hips shuddered and she groaned loudly. Too my surprise she started to squirt. I had heard of the female ejaculation but really never believed in it. Here it was happening before my eyes. Dee rubbed Sarah as she continued to squirt and then Dee closed down on her and gently caressed her still quivering pussy with her tongue, licking away any remnants of the clear moisture that had sprung forth.

Dee climbed off Sarah who just lay there. Pulling down her top and skirt Dee again resumed her seat on the edge of her bed. Looking at my swollen member which was barely hidden by my underpants she said "I think you are ready" One more deal.

Again I dealt the cards. And in a more leisurely fashion she picked up the cards and looked them over, I picked up mine and saw I had a Royal Flush. Dee just looked at me and said "we fold. You have won the game".

She turned to Sarah and removed the velvet bonds, and Sarah slid to Dee's side and swung her legs over the edge. She looked at the ground and covered her ample breast with her arms. Dee again said, "You have won the game now your reward, stand up and remove your pants" without thinking I did as she asked.

Dee grabbed Sarah's wrist who for the first time resisted Dee's actions. But Dee was not to be dissuaded and she dragged Sarah to me and made her kneel in front of me. I stood transfixed by what was happening. Dee curled her fingers into Sarah's hair and pushed Sarah toward my engorged cock. As her lips touched my cock Sarah turned her head, causing my cock to brush passed her cheek. Dee pulled Sarah's head back and again forced her onto my cock this time Sarah turned the other way and my cock brushed past her other cheek. I started to think this is not right. I should not be part of this and began to pull away. Dee growled "Stay still" and I froze unsure of what to do next. This time Dee turned Sarah's head so that Sarah's lip's were against the side of my cock. Her lips immediately parted. And I felt the smooth hardness of her teeth on my shaft.

Dee slowly moved Sarah's head so that her lips moved to the end of my cock. This time instead of objecting her teeth parted and I felt my cock enter the warm softness of her mouth. Her lips were full and soft and her tongue sat flat under my cock. I had never been given a blowjob before as my wife objected to it. She said it was degrading. But all I could feel now was intense pleasure, of a kind I had never felt before, even making love was not like this.

Dee pushed Sarah down onto my cock and she seemed to swallow it all the way. And then she pulled back on Sarah's hair drawing my cock out of her mouth until just the tip was hidden. Again she forced Sarah down on to me but this time I felt Sarah's lips close tight around my shaft and I could feel her suck me in. Sarah started to suck my cock in rapid strokes not seeming to need to breathe and Dee released her hold on her hair. I watched Sarah, as she became more and more frantic. Sucking harder and harder. I felt the tip of her tongue press into the end of my cock seemingly wanting to push into me as she had pushed into Dee. And then she would flick the underside of my now throbbing knob with the tip of her tongue and then flatten her tongue and slide me all the way in.

Dee who was standing beside me was watching this intently, after a few moments she turned and leaned toward me and whispered into my ear "if I don't feed her cock now and then she goes out of control". Impaired by the sensations now coursing through my entire being I didn't quite grasp the meaning of this statement. Dee then turned my head towards her and closed her lips on to mine. I felt my body quiver and Sarah increased her tempo. Dee's Lips were soft and full and sensuous, the warmth emanating from her was soothing. For a time I forgot what was happening to my hard cock and could only feel Dee's kiss. Dee's tongue which seemed large and flat pressed passed my teeth and into my mouth pushing hard against my tongue. At that exact moment I started to cum.

My entire body shook with the release of my sperm I felt it squirt into Sarah's mouth and all the time she continued to suck down hard on me. Dee maintained her passionate kiss and I felt her breathe into my mouth, her breath was sweet and sensuous. And I responded by breathing with her. The simultaneous sensation of breathing Dee's breath and exploding into Sarah was mind numbing and the most exciting and sensual moment I have never felt. And still I continued to cum. Dee's tongue explored my mouth and invited me to explore hers. I had never felt so alive in my entire existence and yet I felt like I was dying. And then Dee's tongue withdrew from my mouth and forbade me to follow. Her lips broke from mine. I suddenly felt weary and ever so weak.

I looked down to see my now limp cock, Sarah was kissing the end of my cock and I could see little stringlets of cum and saliva stretching from my cock to her mouth. She gently kissed away the last of my cum from my now flaccid cock. Ignoring me Dee beckoned Sarah to stand up, they stood and gazed at each other. Sarah still had cum on her lips and a little on her cheek. Dee leaned forward and started to kiss Sarah passionately and then drew back slightly and licked the remainder of my cum from Sarah's face. Their eyes were bright as they looked at each other their attention was solely on each other, not for the first time I felt as if my presence was of no consequence to them.

I awoke in the morning. Still feeling weak. I did not remember them leaving, nor even going to bed. And for a frightening moment I thought it must have been an incredibly vivid dream.

As I climbed out of bed I looked around. The chair was where I remember it and on the floor next to the bed was a deck of cards all scattered around. I picked them up. And for the first time looked closely at them. Each one was marked. The game had been fixed the girls deliberately lost to me.

That night I went to the bar to find them, but they were not there. I went again the next night and the next. But I could not find them anywhere. Although the conference never returned to that city I returned for the next five years on the same weekend. And searched for them every where I could. No one had seen them, and no one could help.

That was 20 years ago.

My dear wife passed away six short months ago of a mysterious illness. I truly believe she died of a broken heart. You see I was never the same after that night. And though I never told her what had happened she sensed something had changed in me. I could no longer go to her. And we never again made love. The years passed and I just withdrew into myself. I lost my job and my wife had to support us until her passing.

I am telling you this so that someone can know what happened to me, I do not want to go to the grave with my story untold.

My doctor prescribed sleeping pills after the loss of my wife and I have been saving them and now its time for me to go to sleep and dream no more.

But before I do I have this one favour to ask. If you should ever meet Sarah and Dee.

Give them my love.


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