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Ex-Girlfriend's Revenge

You and your girlfriend, Carole, just broke up. You dumped her in front of all your friends, and clearly she wanted revenge. When you went to her house to pack up your belongings, her friends were also there. She took out a deck of card and challenged you into a game of strip poker. The loser had to masturbate. However, Carole also added that if she lost, then she would get all her friends to strip and masturbate with her. With such an irresistable offer, you sat down and the game began.

Carole's lines if you were winning:

1st - If you were a gentleman, you would spare me a dime for these high heels right? (She removes her high heels)

2nd - Do you remember this blouse? You bought it for me on our first date. (She removes her blouse)

3rd - I love to match the color of my bra with my g-string. (She removes her skirt)

4th - Mmmmmm Here you go. Those cups are size 34D! (She removes her bra for but covers her breasts)

5th - Even my nipples are betraying me. They are getting so hard. (She rubs her nipples before uncovering her beautiful breasts)

6th - Now I am totally naked. (She removes her g-string and closes her legs)

7th - This is embarassing. I can't believe I am doing this. (She spreads her legs open revealing her shaved private parts)

8th - My plan backfired on me. Now do I really have to do this? (She begins to masturbate as the her friends are forced to strip and join in)

Carole's Lines if you were losing

1st - Sorry I didn't take your jacket when you walked in. Hope it's not too late now. (You remove your jacket)

2nd - I heard you like to work out. Now don't be ashamed to show us muscular chest. (You remove your shirt)

3rd - Don't worry if your pants are falling. I will beat them off you next! (You remove your belt)

4th - Boxers or Briefs? I guess I am about to find out! (You remove your pants)

5th - You got no more excuses! Pass me over those boxers! (You remove your boxers and cover your genitals)

6th - Put your hands over your head so we can see that jackhammer! (You put your hands over your head, showing the girls your manhood)

7th - You got nothing much to lose. Why don't you get all all fours and bark like a dog? (You get on the ground and bark in humiliation)

8th - Time to go to work big boy! Look over your shoulder into the camera! I am sure all my girls would enjoy this! (This was a set up all along. They planned to show this tape to all the girls. Carole got her revenge.)